Wow what an awful Is Dating Experience

You’ve probably had some bad dates in your time. Maybe you contracted food poisoning from a dodgy restaurant, had your toes trodden on by a suitor with two left feet or got left alone in a secluded part of town after a blind date turned out to be the most boring person on the planet.

But, bad memories though they are, you won’t be able to beat the terrible first date experienced by Bristol man Liam Smyth recently – or in fact, that of his date.

Student Liam, 24, had treated the young woman – who is unnamed to protect her modesty – to a meal at a local Nando’s restaurant, and they had enjoyed each other’s company so much that the pair decided to retire to Liam’s house to watch TV, have a drink cuddle under blankets to keep warm as he hadn’t got his column radiators installed yet from sites.

So far so good – but after the couple reached Liam’s house, events took a rather bizarre and embarrassing turn which ended up with the duo having to call the fire brigade. By the end of the night the pair were left with red faces, a broken window and a bad date story which went viral.

It all started when the unnamed woman had to use her date’s toilet. Unfortunately, when she tried to flush a rather large ‘deposit’ away, the toilet was not up to the job, so to speak.

Stuck Fast

In a panic, the young lady retrieved her stool from the toilet bowl, wrapped it in toilet paper and tried to dispose of it by throwing it out of the window. Now, you may think this was a bad idea – and you’d be correct, for instead of disappearing into the night, the poo got stuck in a gap between two largely un-opening windows.  They obviously weren’t well-designed windows.

After confessing the embarrassing situation to her date, the young woman volunteered to be lowered into the gap to retrieve the offending object, but promptly got stuck herself. According to the BBC, the woman was suspended upside down for half an hour.

Liam had to call the fire brigade to release his date, and was left with a £300 bill to replace the window – but at least he had an amusing story to tell.

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