Make up, care of facial skin and body during pregnancy

Make up in pregnancy

As soon as he discovers she is pregnant, arriving passed the checks to do and things to avoid, to preserve the health of the baby during pregnancy and during lactation.

Alongside the imperative of always valid “Nothing categorical alcohol and no smoking”, it also adds to the list of “beauty actions” banned during the nine-month pregnant: it must be emphasized that pregnancy is not the enemy of beauty, indeed!

In the months of pregnancy can be cured and beautiful from head to toe, you can do everything but carefully choosing the products.

This is because, while entering in a particular period, every woman must continue to take care of your body, its image and its beauty.

Make up in pregnancy
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Here are some tips for coiffure, tricks and cosmetics pregnant:

Stop the hair dye: In particular, to those which contain ammonia and aggressive chemical products, allergenic substances and / or toxic. Today, however, there are more formulations that are delicate and less aggressive compared to several years ago, certain toxic substances contained in the colors have been eliminated, while the ingredients used have been tested as hypoallergenic. When you go to the hairdresser you should inform him of your pregnancy. For example, the dye paste must not come into contact with the epidermis, and then be applied to a few millimeters away from the skin, on the lengths.

Attention To the sunlight on your hair blows: Blonde or chocolate brown, the reflections are allowed but only if it comes to finishing touches on the tips. As suggested by the experts, as a precaution, the dyes treatments should be postponed until the end of the first trimester of pregnancy.

Green light to masks and packs: Typically, expectant, the hair becomes more shiny. But those who fail to meet this good fortune can continue to take care of your hair with natural masks, wraps and restructuring oils, with no trace of chemical elements, and delicate shampoo, without taking any unnecessary risks.

Warning tanning: The sun is not the enemy of pregnancy but excessive exposure to sunlight is recommended just because of “mask of pregnancy”, which is a huge pigmentation of the skin of the face resulting in the appearance of brown spots on the forehead, nose, lips and cheekbones. It should always be taken in moderation and hours less intense.

Lacquers or solvents? It must be checked first of all the quality, carefully avoiding those that contain formaldehyde, camphor, toluene, etc.

Make up: For the trick is appropriate to use quality products, preferably to natural base.

Facial and body care: Green light to creams, serums, emulsions, lotions, except some cosmetic treatments based on retinoic acid. Always try to check the components and the instructions for use. For example, the anti-stretch mark creams are not all equal. Always betting on good products, brand and reliable, investing in research and raw materials.

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