Things to See in the Spring Countryside

Spring is a great time to get out and about. As nature wakes up, there is so much to see, from the abundance of plants to the animals that become more active as the weather improves. Of course, it is not all sunny days in the UK – the spring weather is notorious for being unpredictable, so make sure that before you head out to the countryside you have the appropriate clothing for all weathers like this merino wool sweater women can wear, and waterproof clothing.

Here are some of the things that you might want to look out for on your spring walk…

Birds Nesting – Now is the time of the year for sporting many types of birds as they go about preparing their nests and rearing their young. The dawn chorus is a wonderful sound and April is the best time to get out early in the morning to enjoy it.

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Plant Life – Now the weather is improving, the plants are also bursting back to life. Look for the fresh new signs of growth all around you, and many of the plants that we associate with the spring, such as the bluebells. The trees are also putting on a beautiful display of blossoms at the moment.

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Young Animals – Baby animals are now being born and from spring lambs to rabbits, a walk through the countryside will be abundant with new life to look for at this time of the year.

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