Different fence panel ideas for your garden

Is your fence falling down? Does it have gaps or has started to rot? If you have answered yes, then you’ll be thinking about which type of fencing to replace it with. Here are some of the different types of panels available for use in the garden:

Solid panels

These panels are made without any gaps so offer maximum privacy and sturdiness across one solid timber screen. Ideally, a strong quality wood should be used to provide the strength needed to support the extra weight. Feather edge or featherboard is commonly used for solid panels as it is robust and offers a traditionally classic appearance.

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Decorative or semi solid panels

When privacy isn’t a requirement, decorative panels can be used for framing a garden, creating a centrepiece around a display or just for welcoming aesthetics. A common decorative panel is the Venetian style, which features horizontal slats with small gaps between each one. When you need Fencing Gloucester, consider Greenfields, a supplier of Fencing Gloucester.

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Trellis panels

For decorative toppers and garden screen ideas, consider the use of trellis panels for an attractive finish. Make sure to use pressure treated timber for durability. Weak trellis panels can fall apart quite quickly in bad weather conditions and not provide enough support for growing plants. A trellis is a popular choice for adding interest to a garden and creating another dimension to the design. Square or diamond shaped trellis panels are available with slightly larger gaps for better visibility and light.

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