Stuck at home? Here are some fun ideas

It feels as though it’s either too wet and miserable for outdoor activities, or so hot you might just melt. Thinking of things to keep yourself occupied when it really isn’t the right time to be outdoors can be tough, so why not save the below list to come back to when you next need to find an indoor pursuit?

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See below for a quick rundown of ideas to keep you busy, without having to risk going outside in the rain!

1) Get your space organised

Some simple organising can be all you need to give your home a fresh feeling without having to spend a penny. Shop what you already own, declutter, use decorated cardboard boxes as pretty new storage tubs. there are all manner of options, and according to Northstar Transitions, you’ll feel amazing for it afterwards.

2) Learn a new skill

There’s a wealth of free, easily accessible tutorials for a huge range of skills, all available online. YouTube is a particularly good way to learn new things. When better to learn the basics of making pastry, or how to knit? If you’re feeling organised, you could get a kit ready for the opportunity to strike! From embroidery and cross stitch kits, complete with the fabric and threads, to knitting kits that come with the correct quantities of wool in your chosen colours, kits such as those seen at woolcouturecompany make an ideal rainy day activity.

3) Make something beautiful for someone you love

How about making something special for someone you love? Whether they’d treasure a handmade card, or love a unique piece of poetry, there’s always joy to be had in knowing that your hard work made something beautiful. The recipient’s sure to appreciate the work that went into it.

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4) Get pampering

Whether it’s a manicure or a facemask, there are few things more relaxing than a nice pamper! Why not get those beauty products out and go wild making yourself look glamorous? You may as well be ready to greet the world when the rain stops!

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