How to buy less clothing

Buying new clothes all the time won’t just hurt your wallet, it’s bad news for the planet too. How can you make a concerted effort to buy fewer clothes, but still enjoy changing up your wardrobe from time to time? Check out these three top tips for buying less clothing and start making a positive change today.Consider second-hand

The vast majority of clothing that people throw away is still in perfectly good condition, and our addiction to fast fashion is having a devastating effect on the environment. There is already enough clothing in the world that no one alive today needs ever to buy new again. We just need to shift our thinking. Sometimes charity shops are a great way to find second-hand clothes, but you can also consider sites like eBay and Vinted, as well as vintage stores and jumble sales.

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Swap with friends

You can easily refresh and replenish your wardrobe by swapping clothing with friends. Every few months bring a selection of quality items together and have a swap around. This is ideal if you’re just bored with your current choices, or perhaps you’ve increased or dropped in a dress size. Everyone gets to walk away with a few different items and has responsibly got rid of items they don’t wear anymore.


Learn to repair your clothes for holes and rips, and even try making sizing adjustments. This will result in you investing in considerably fewer items of clothing every year. For most jobs you only need basic sewing skills, but for some items, you might need to know how to knit or crochet to bring them back to life. If you’ve never crocheted before then why not start with one of the crochet kits available at specialist sites such as

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It’s easier than you think to start buying less clothing for you and your family. You just need to think outside the box a little. It’s time to change our attitude toward second-hand clothing and even start making an effort to repair clothes that have small holes or tears rather than replacing them.

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