How to protect your equipment from theft and vandalism

Theft of hired construction equipment is common because it’s expensive. The equipment is often stored in a trailer or truck to make it easier to move around the site. If safety precautions aren’t taken, then they can be stolen. When you require new Trailer Parts, see the range of Trailer Parts at Auto & Trailer.

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Generators are available in many sizes and specifications. While smaller pieces of equipment are more vulnerable to theft, larger items can also be targeted. Consider the security and storage options especially if your plan is to store your plant outdoors or in an open location. Vandalism or theft can be a major hindrance to a project’s productivity.

Here are some tips to reduce the appeal of opportunistic plant thieves and protect your site against the negative effects caused by theft.

  1. Plan ahead before the plant arrives

If you don’t unload the trailer and move your plant immediately, it will be in a vehicle that is convenient to escape in. It is important to immediately unpack the plant if you plan to keep it outside.

  1. Fencing

To protect your equipment, it is essential to keep unwanted intruders away from your site. A good security fence will protect your site, and therefore your equipment. It will also make it more difficult for thieves.

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  1. Check your site’s general security

Included in this are security cameras, lighting and site patrols. You will be able to prevent thefts by increasing the number of security measures. If an intruder has been detected, security lighting should be activated. The better you light your target, the less confident the thief is of remaining undetected.

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