Trendy Colors You Need to Wear this Autumn

trendy colors autumn

Are you looking for stylish, trendy colors to spice up your wardrobe this autumn? Here are a few beautiful shades you need to incorporate into your outfits during the next few months!

Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is a warm and rich color that perfectly complements the autumn season. It can be worn with other autumnal colors such as orange and red to create a beautiful fall palette or paired with more neutral tones so that it pops out more and becomes the focus of your outfit. A mustard yellow oversized sweater combined with some beige trousers or a black mini skirt makes a casual outfit that’s perfect for everyday wear this season.

Celtic Green

A deep and vibrant color, Celtic green is a visually striking shade that fits the fall aesthetic ideally. Celtic green Irish scarves are the way to go this autumn, as they combine the trendy color with the classic autumnal design, which makes them the accessory you 100% need in your wardrobe this fall. Celtic green looks particularly good combined with patterns, so an Irish scarf as the ones you can find here worn with a basic sweater and a plaid skirt will make your outfit look effortlessly more put together.

Cobalt Blue

Although blue shades are often associated with the warmer seasons, during the autumn months cobalt blue creates a beautiful contrast with the earthy fall shades. If you’re feeling especially bold, wear a monochrome outfit like a blue suit paired with a white turtleneck or a classic dress shirt to get an excellent work ensemble. However, in case you have a strict dress code, cobalt blue accessories such as bags and scarves will make a beautiful addition to the basic black and white color palette.


This summer was all about the Barbie pink, but in autumn, let’s switch to the darker and richer shade of mauve. This muted color is bold enough to make you feel more confident, but not too extra to make you feel overwhelmed. It is especially good as an accent piece, for example a dress or a mauve overcoat, but can also be worn in sweaters or even trousers if you’re looking for something more toned down.


If you’re looking for the best neutral shade to incorporate into your outfits this autumn, look no further than the classic camel color. It works well with any other shade from the list and thanks to its warm tone it looks chic and sophisticated in any combination. Camel trousers are an absolute must, especially when paired with deeper shades such as navy blue or burgundy. Additionally, you can also wear it with lighter colors like white and light gray for a Light Academia inspired outfit.


For those days when you’re feeling extra glamorous and you want your outfit to make your state of mind, spice up your looks with some metallics. Bronze, silver and gold are all perfect choices for your ensembles and lately they’ve been in every fall-winter collection, so they’re definitely a must. Try wearing bronze trousers with a camel blouse or a deep mauve sweater for a combination that will make you stand out from the crowd without feeling like it’s “too much”.

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