Crochet books to delight crafters

Crochet is a popular craft that offers endless possibilities for creativity. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced crafter, there are many books that can inspire you. Here are some that will whet your appetite.

What’s best for beginners?

Nancy Gordon’s ‘Crochet for Beginners: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide with Picture Illustrations to Learn Crocheting the Quick & Easy Way’ will help you to learn the basics. Ideal for those new to crochet, there are clear step-by-step instructions and a useful guide for the tools you need.

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A book with plenty of creative flair

‘Alexandra’s Garden Flowers’ is a new craft book that has thirty crochet patterns for any ability. Penned by Kerry Lord, the book was released this year. Suited to crafters and gardeners alike, there are yarn flower ideas, complete with instructions.

What is the current popular book?

‘How To Crochet: A Complete Guide for Absolute Beginners’ is an older book, but it remains popular. By Alison McNicol, the book contains modern, coloured illustrations, and it is packed with information on how to crochet and master new stitches. It is ideal for those who want to create easy first projects.

If you want to try your hand at the craft, crochet kits are the perfect solution both for beginners and for those who have created crochet items previously. You can find a huge range of crochet kits available here. The Daily Mail has a guide on what you need to begin.

A book to help you create stunning items

‘You Can Crochet with Bella Coco’ by Sarah-Jayne Fragola outlines simple crochet methods so that you can learn the craft. If you are looking for a full, beginner’s guide to the hobby, this is your book.

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What about something a little different?

‘Tunisian Crochet Workshop: The Complete Guide to Modern Tunisian Crochet Stitches, Techniques, and Patterns’ by Michelle Robinson will appeal to you if you want to create an adventurous piece. Tunisian crochet is a fascinating technique that combines elements of crochet and knitting. This book offers a guide to mastering Tunisian crochet, along with patterns to try.

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