The room is the key so that your house does not look messy

The room is the key so that your house does not look messy

If you keep this part of your house in order, rest assured that the whole home will change.

When you enter a house, the first impression is made by the room. It does not matter if there is a garden or a hall, this space will always be the meeting and meeting point between those who inhabit it and those who visit it, therefore it must be the preamble to order, cleanliness, and organization.

No matter the size of your room, if it is kept clean and tidy, you have an advantage over everything. In addition, the more refined it is, the more style your house will have and of course, you will make it look more spacious.

If your room is small:

  • Perhaps the space you allocate to your room is reduced because you live in an apartment or tiny house and therefore it is important to keep it clean and organized to make it look bigger.
  • Shine through the windows, keep them open, and avoid the curtains.
  • Place light furniture, such as white armchairs.
  • Try to make the coffee table very small or avoid it.
  • If you are going to put a bookcase or plant cabinet, try not to be too saturated, it is better to put a cabinet with some books and a couple of plants nothing more.
  • If you want to add color, do not saturate the space of your room, just add color accents.
  • Do not be afraid of lamps, you should only place thin structures.
  • Do not put walls to separate it from the kitchen, it is better that your room looks like an extension or vice versa, the key is in the rearrangement of furniture.
  • Add a small, neutral-toned rug to contrast with color accents.

If your room is medium:The room is the key so that your house does not look messy

  • Put armchairs of different styles with each other.
  • Paint the walls in neutral tones and decorate with pictures of figures and colors that stand out or with mirrors.
  • Play around with the coffee table and add a good-sized one that you can easily decorate.
  • If you

If your room is large:

  • Being a large space, make sure that the furniture has a neutral tone.
  • Add color accents to your room with textiles, plants, or a decorative element, but avoid saturation of tones altogether.
  • Your living room won’t need help with lighting, so allow light, light shades to let in the sun.
  • Do not put bookcases or storage furniture, place those in other parts of the house and keep your room as to free as possible.
  • The walls with art look fabulous, take advantage of the space, but do not saturate it, keep it minimalist.
  • Choose not to place rugs or small rugs, it is best to cover the entire floor or leave it free, rest assured that your room will look more spacious.

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