Helpful Hair Care Hints

You hear so many different words of advice from beauty specialists but there must be some golden rules for hair care that are pretty universal and we should all aim for. We all know someone who always seems to have the perfect ‘do’. Surely we are all too busy to spend that much time looking after our locks? Well, don’t despair as there are some top pointers that all hair care professionals agree on that shouldn’t be too hard to fit into our hectic schedules.

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Washing your hair should only be done 2-3 times a week at the maximum. Cutting back is definitely the way forward and you certainly shouldn’t be washing your hair everyday. Natural oils produced by your scalp act as a conditioner for your hair so shampooing too often is stripping these oils away. For advice from Gloucester Hairdressers, go to

Overwashing is also not advisable for coloured hair as it can take away the sheen too quickly and leave the colour looking dull. Buying a good quality shampoo and washing 2-3 times a day is far more effective than a cheaper quality one used everyday.

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How often you wash your hair will depend a great deal on what type of hair you have. It depends on how much oil your scalp is producing as well and your hairdresser can help advise you on whether you are washing too often. If you have very curly hair then you’ll find you won’t need to wash it as much as someone with straight hair. The straighter your hair, the faster the oil travels down making it appear and feel oilier much faster.

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