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Microwave cooking, harms health?

Microwave cooking

The microwave oven is one of the most used in the kitchen today, not so much cooking but rather, to heat, however, much is said about the potential harms of its use, so today we tell if cooking microwave really harms health.

Why could harm health?

Since this type of ovens cook and / or heat food by electromagnetic waves that are absorbed by the same, it is thought that radiation can reach our body and cause damage to health.

Furthermore, because this method generates heat cooking from water contained in food and cooking it using the same, it is believed that the structurally modified so that subsequent intake harms health.

Microwave cooking
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It is also said that microwave cooking plates causes a great loss of nutrients and this would be equivalent to achieve low nutritional quality preparations, of course, it does not benefit health.

Do you really use harms health?

While it is true that the microwave modified food during cooking and achieves the same by heating the water contained in them, we must know that all cooking methods produce structural changes in food.

But concerning the loss of nutrients, a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association concludes that the microwave retains nutrients in equal or greater extent than other cooking methods such as conventional oven, for example. Therefore, microwave cooking does not remove our plates nutritional quality.

Regarding the danger of microwaves using this type of oven cooking, the World Health Organization states that there is no risk if you cook or heat up food in a microwave, as long as we follow the manufacturer’s instructions, close the door well the same and we use a clean, sound oven, since dirt or damage to the device could result in microwave leakage.

Heat, our body could be damaged, however, only occur as a result of long exposures to very high power levels, well above what you use on average a microwave oven.

Also, a microwave cooked food is as safe as that cooked in a conventional oven, as it does not become radioactive, therefore, radiation cannot reach our organism and no risk to health.

The advantages of using microwave

As we have seen, the use of microwave ovens not damages your health and is safe if used properly, with utensils and properly.

In addition, you can afford to cook in no time full and equal preparations or higher nutritional value than in a conventional oven or using other cooking method, therefore, this device is a great resource that we have in the kitchen if we eat healthy and in a short time, because only we learn to use it properly.

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