What to do with a French knitting doll?

If you’ve been gifted a French knitting doll, either as part of one of the many knitting kits on the market or as a standalone present, you might be wondering how to get the most from it. You can even make your own with a bit of creativity!
The good news is these cute little knitting accessories have been around for years and they’re very easy to use. So even if you’re new to French knitting, you’ll be able to get the hang of it quickly. You can find easy-to-follow instructions here.

But what sorts of projects can you make with the long and colourful ropes of wool that you’ll end up with? Here are some ideas.

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Top ideas for making French knitting doll crafts

There are lots of ways to use the results of your work. The projects below are all small and perfect for using up odd ends of your knitting yarn stash, so you can be thrifty and recycle whilst having fun and learning a new craft.

1. Make French knitted calligraphy and use it to embellish a cushion
2. Make colourful knitted bracelets and necklaces
3. Shape and stitch lengths together to make knitted flowers
4. Use longer lengths of French knit to embellish a hat
5. Wind into a beehive shape and add embellished bees for a bit of art
6. Wind and sew together to make a mug cosy
7. Use a length to make a bookmark
8. Make a huge oversize French knit and turn it into a scarf.

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Why gift French knitting dolls?

Knitting kits for beginners or for children often include French knitting dolls because they are fast and easy to use, so even smaller children can rapidly start to knit using this technique. The dolls are cute and knitting kits let them have a go at this craft without the expense of buying lots of new stuff.

Why not take up a new hobby and treat yourself to French doll knitting kits? What will you make with your new craft?

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