Five Style Secrets From Celebrity Stylists

When we see celebrities on TV, perfectly styled for an interview, posing on the red carpet or looking glamorous at an awards show, we all tend to have the same thoughts. We think: how do they manage to look so good? And why can’t I look like that? It’s natural to compare ourselves to celebrities, but the reality is they don’t look like that all the time, and they don’t get to look like that on their own. Celebrities have a full team of experts to help them, including hair and make-up artists and clothing stylists to pick the perfect dress or outfit. The perfect outfit will enhance your figure and can certainly make you look and feel like a million dollars. Our tips can ensure you can achieve that star style.

  1. Perfect Fit.

The fit is everything. Too often we can be drawn to the style of clothing without considering if the item really fits. Check your outfit from all angles to see how your clothes fit and fall on your figure.

2. Tailoring

Staying with the fit, consider tailoring clothes for a perfect fit and look carefully at armholes and hem length.

3. Underwear

Whatever your shape or size, everyone can benefit from the right underwear, as this is the foundation for your outfit. Celebrity stylists and bra fitters stress the importance of the correct fit. Consider shapewear – even the celebrity dresses will be worn over shapewear! It can smooth out any lumps, bumps or problem areas, so everyone should have some shapewear in their wardrobe which can be worn with a range of clothes. Shapewear shorts are versatile and can smooth out the tummy, hips and thigh areas, which are often the most problematic for women.

4. Find Your Look

Take time to find out what works for you and which styles suit your body. With regard to dresses, find a style that flatters your body shape. Take time to find retailers who stock a large range of styles and shapes, so you can browse to find the ideal style for you.

5. Ankles

The latest trend in trousers is to have the length to just above your ankle. Elegant and flattering, it gives an outfit a contemporary look.

Celebrities also use top make – up and beauty brands such as Chanel and Mac etc, so using these will really give you the perfect celebrity look. If you feel that you are gaining too many wrinkles as you age and want to have smooth skin like the celebrities on the red carpet, you could get in touch with Botox Treatments Cheltenham companies.

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