Getting your children to help with chores

Teaching your children the responsibility of helping with household chores is an important life skill, even if it can feel like an uphill struggle at times. There are a number of things that you can do to encourage your children to help.

Chore jar – these jars work incredibly well. The idea is that you place all the household chores that need to be done on  individual pieces of paper that you then place inside a jar. Once you decide you are all going to clean your home, each family member, including the adults, takes out a piece of paper and that is their first chore. This way everyone ends up getting a chore they don’t like at some point.

Storage – make sure that you have enough storage in your home and invest in some Plastic Storage Boxes to make your tidying job much easier. That way you can task each child with the responsibility of placing their own items back into the storage boxes.

Make it fun – put on some music and dance around the living room whilst you are all cleaning. If children can find a way to enjoy themselves whilst undertaking household chores they are  more likely to willingly help you out next time.

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