Ideas for a family living room design that will make everyone happy

For a peaceful home, it is important to design a family living room that works for all. Consider what changes you can make to the style, layout and convenience of your living room to make sure that all family members enjoy the room as a place to relax in.

The living room is the most sociable room in the house, so be sure to provide enough seating for the whole family, plus a few guests. If you do not have space for additional seats, a pouffe will do the job and can be used as a stool when not needed as a seat. If you are looking to buy a new seat, check to see if you have room to upgrade to a padded seat that can seat two people who love to curl up together.

Above all, you need to offer living room comfort. Deep sofas with plump chairs decorated with overstuffed pillows will attract the whole family to settle in and spend the night together and not in separate rooms.

A low-level desk that can double as a table for drawing will be useful for everyone, and bean bags or knitted sofas will serve as a comfortable chair for a small child. Fun furniture in warm colours will also attract family members to relax and socialise together. A piece like the Egg Chair offers both fun and comfort.

If you do not have a separate play room, it is wise to designate a corner of your living room as a play area for children. Without one, toys can get spread everywhere, transforming your entire living room into one large play room – not ideal!

Personalize your living room with an array of favourite family photos. Hang frames that are the same size and colour, and arrange in formation to create a stunning impact.

Make sure you have a living room that is tech and media-friendly. Choose a lower unit that won’t crowd the room and aim for the wall space above to be kept open by installing floating shelves. Go for a pale colour scheme for the walls and furniture to provide a unified view and hide all TV-related gadgets in a wicker basket.

Who says you cannot have style and sophistication in a family? Paint the walls a bright, neutral tone in a finish that can be easily wiped down and fix fussy curtains with cleaner lines in the window. Select hardwearing leather sofas for easy-clean option, they look better when they are well-loved as well. Then add modern glamour with a ceiling chandelier for a show-stopping look that will also be well out of reach of little fingers!

Modern family life can be busy, so create a living space that encourages you to stop for quality family time and enjoy each other’s company.

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