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How to add style to a summer house

Summer houses and garden buildings have been more in demand over the last two years than they have ever been. This has been in part due to the fact that more people are working from home and are looking for dedicated spaces, but also because we were confined to our homes for long periods of time. For some people, this left them with a burning desire to move home, and for others, it gave them the time to think about additions they wanted to make. The pandemic has made us all much more grateful for access to outdoor space, and so the popularity of summer houses started to increase.

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Once you have purchased your summerhouse or garden room and had it installed, you might be looking at ways in which to add some style to it. The best place to start is with good quality wood paint. This not only allows you to add some colour to your building, but it also helps to preserve the wood. There are lots of different colours available, including those that allow you to appreciate natural wood tones, through to bright greens and even black.

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After you have painted, you will want to think about adding some furniture to the room. There are lots of options available such as rattan furniture and Lloyd Loom Chairs like the ones available from These pieces will help to bring style and comfort to your summer house all year round.

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