Ways in which trauma can occur

Trauma is something that can take on many different forms. There is no set amount of time or degree of severity that it can be measured on. Everyone who experiences trauma of some kind will experience it in different ways and to varying degrees of pain.  This can be either physical or mental. What examples of trauma are there that a person can experience? With Trauma informed training from companies like Tidal Training you’ll soon learn to spot them.

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  1. A physical trauma. Physical trauma is always as a result of a physical injury that has occurred. The majority of cases stem from accidents that have happened on the road or in an industrial setting. However, there are many other scenarios where physical trauma can occur.
  1. Trauma of an emotional kind. In many respects this is harder to treat than the physical. emotional trauma stems from either a short-term or long-term series of abuse via neglect, bullying, or placed in a household where there are negative influences upon the person.

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  1. Trauma of a sexual nature. This is experienced after a sexual attack or abuse of some kind. it can result in long-term effects of emotional distress and lead to far-reaching psychological problems.
  1. A medical trauma. If there are complicated medical procedures involved there is a chance that a trauma related to surgery or treatment could be a reality.
  1. A form of trauma that is reached vicariously. This is experienced by professional people dealing with trauma patients on a long-term basis. The mental health toll begins to take effect on them and cause them similar trauma.

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