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How to cure nail fungus

cure nail fungus

One of the most common problems among people is definitely the nail fungus, which affects the feet more of the hands. Because of this disorder, there are micro parasites that grow and proliferate in humid parts and in particularly hot seasons.

This problem, besides being a damage to the nails, is definitely an unsightly nuisance, since the transformed mycosis nails changing the color, shape and texture.

Treat fungal infections: feet dry

It is good practice to keep the feet dry always and especially clean because, as we advance in our introduction, the parasites of fungi grow in moist environments.

cure nail fungus
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The best thing is to wash your feet with a liquid soap with a neutral pH, particularly irritating because it does not damage the foot and does not decrease your body’s natural defenses. If you need a soap with a neutral pH, we suggest Saugella Dermoliquido useful to prevent infections and fungal infections

Even the use of an antibacterial talc will be very useful to prevent the deposit of bacteria and parasites. Do not forget to frequently change socks after you’ve done a bit ‘of physical activity: the foot sweats, it gets wet and creates the ideal environment for the proliferation of the parasites … as well as a bad smell to be avoided!

It is crucial to always dry your feet and hands, because very often do not pay adequate attention and underestimated this aspect, especially for the feet. The fungus toenails can infect other parts of the body, so beware.

Natural remedies to treat nail fungus

A remedy useful for mycosis, especially for the prevention, the length of the nails. The advice is to always keep your nails short, practicing a regular cut. Also watch out for the edges, always tries to give the nail a rounded shape, so that you will avoid the most resistant parasites grow in the skin and are due to another problem, the ingrown nail.

Our advice is also to disinfect all the tools you use for your manicure or pedicure, because the fungus is infectious. In fact, you will not want to share with other people the clippers, and vice versa does not have to make you pay this tool: if you really have no choice, disinfectant minutely.

Avoid walking barefoot in public places such as swimming pools, gyms, health centers or public showers, as the contagion is far more likely in these environments. Always use shoes or slippers, because these settings are not always as clean as it should and there may be sharp or pointed objects that can hurt your feet.

The comfortable shoes and suitable to your foot are necessary to prevent rubbing or irritation that can cause fungal infection and fungus on his feet. Choose shoes that make your feet breathe, do not share it with anyone and if they are a bit wet, best not to use them.

The fungus is a real problem for both women and for men, which can become much more serious if not treated properly. So do not underestimate it!

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