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How to take advantage of your workday: 9 habits to improve your productivity

improve your productivity

It’s not about working harder but to work better. To make the most of every hour in your office to spend no more … or wear you. We show you some tricks so you do not have the impression that time escapes your hands and become that effective person who solves everything in a jiffy.

1. Prioritize emails

Yes, technology is wonderful, but it also takes away an important part of our time. In addition, productivity experts believe that only twenty percent of the emails require an immediate response. The best thing to do if you want to be productive locates these emails first thing in the morning, resolve and archive the rest for another time.

There are alternatives to email that can also serve to save a lot of time and improve our effectiveness during working hours. For example, Slack, a tool for rapid business communication and instant that lets you solve with your team the most pressing issues without having to read lengthy emails. A simple chat also allows a variety of public, private channels, equipment, etc.

improve your productivity
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2. Put on a schedule

The temptation of always looking mail or social networks is very large. As an injection of adrenaline on many occasions, but also makes you the Queen of Lost Time. According to a study by Robert Half International, a company specializing in executive staff company, the internet is the main cause of lost time in the world labor. But not should renounce check our profiles or view information on the network.

It is best to impose a few hours to check your mail and your networks and do not skip it. The first: wait every morning 30 or 45 minutes to read your mail or check your profiles and devotes that time to do the really important things, which can not wait. It is also important that during your day or do not have Facebook profiles and Twitter permanently open or mail; work with a Notifier is like having a restless next three year old child is pestering all the time and distracts you very much. And finally: choose specific times to review information; times like morning, before lunch, mid – afternoon and before you leave.You will gain a lot of time and do not distract.

3. Order your working environment

According to our expert HR to be more productive at work first you need to generate a good climate and environment because it is the place where you will spend long hours.As trouble sleeping in a messy bedroom where you feel uncomfortable and where you have to sleep next to your partner with you just discuss, try to be productive in a crowded space reports, documents, etc. with the chaos unfolding at home on your desk / office and peer relationships in which any spark could ignite Troy, it will result very difficult. It is not that your workspace looks like a photo was taken from a magazine, but that allows you to work comfortably, find the information you need and do not distract your own mess.

4. Learn to read faster … to read less

With a little practice, you can get to read up to 2000 words per minute. One way to focus on important details to make the fundamental information and be more effective. You can access speed reading courses and improve your reading speed The Internet.

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5. Maximize the meetings

A necessary evil? A black hole of wasting time? Could we make better? According to Sonia, our expert on HR, the theme of the meetings is more complicated because it depends on ourselves. “But there is something you can do: prepare them well, gather all the information you need, check your notes from a previous meeting if he was and ask who convened send the agenda. Attend a meeting without knowing the issues addressed by all summoned and without bringing prepared can make to extend to infinity and beyond, as would Buzz Lightyear. like you’re a person with a phobia of lists, but check what you have pending, what they have asked you to do and what you need others to do can help you organize your ideas on paper. Cross out things you’ve taken you off a “to do list” can be motivating the other hand “.

6. Take a break

As you hear. Being more efficient also means stop for a while and let your mind wander, rest or fly to a place that exists only in your imagination. If you push yourself too much and you do not give your brain a “kit-kat”, you can suffer anxiety, extreme tiredness, nervousness, and irritability. All enemies of creativity and efficiency. A couple of breaks a day, even poking his head out the window of your office, be enough to release stress, restart your beleaguered brain and improve your productivity.Companies like Google, Sony or Nike have realized the importance of rest in the workplace and are including specific areas for leisure and relaxation in their offices.

This is no doubt a type of management full of common sense and more positive, where premium plus the motivation of employees and the work environment depends drastically on positive incentives, a pleasant organizational climate in the no punishment for granted a break or have a more or less flexible schedule.

7. Keep a positive attitude

Following this line of positive management – and even accuse you of being the Mary Poppins of the company- start the day with a good attitude is vital for the development of your workday. Focus on the positive points of the problems you face, how to solve or what make / learn from them … not bad. According to psychological studies in work environments in recent years, your attitude influences behavior and the energy you generate yourself as well as your health.

According to Scott W. Ventrella, author of the book The Power of Positive Thinking in business, you need to remove personal insecurities and negative talk (c’mon, our “food jar” Personal) if we want to increase our capabilities when we face with crisis situations at work, as well as with colleagues or difficult customers. Optimism always comes from the hand of the determination, patience, and concentration, all key ingredients to successfully overcome our day to day work.

“In my life, I’ve been through terrible things, some of which happened yes”. The quote from Mark Twain gives us a very accurate idea that often the problems are only in our heads. The solution is to try to concentrate on the present, minimize our concerns and fears, anything that leads to getting carried away by our emotions or the dark side.

Another way to encourage positive thinking your job is to surround yourself with positive people and leave you mentally spread by their attitude. Do not despise laughter and humor in the workplace which, incidentally, is a great way to release stress and bad rolls. And finally, do not underestimate the positive impact of learning, it helps you to create new ideas in your mind, gives you different approaches to face things and ultimately has a positive impact on your life, not only by the immediate results get but for the fact that you are cultivating.

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8. Flee conflicts

They are black holes waste of time. Sure every day will be a thousand things that bother you: photocopiers jam, brown last minute, how bad is the coffee machine … But the protest against them, again and again, does not help you. It is best to accept these small things as they are and not let out by neglect and the negative side of labor. Meddle in every small office drama does not help you get your job done, although sometimes it can be the “break” you need.

As we said Sonia: “work in a toxic business can consume all your energy, so only you will be able to do your job, survive in such an environment it is hard work On the other hand, unleash your genius. or peculiar character with colleagues, employees, and bosses, you add more problems to develop your functions and significantly impair your performance and especially that of others”.

9. Rations phone calls

The phone can also be responsible for us to lose much longer than necessary. Of course, it depends on your position, as explained by our expert HR: “But if you do not work in a call center or you can return calls later, do the same in the case of e try to divert the phone if there is possibility or lowers the volume of the device and then devotes time to return calls. If someone needs to contact you urgently, do not worry, you will locate safe”.

The council Muriel R. Sonia is physically separated if your workspace allows, or listen to music with headphones to help you focus and you isolate the noise from the rest of the office. If you notice about the fellow that you get in total concentration mode and you isolate yourself with music, probably respect your need for recollection and not bother you.

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