There is a whole array of light

There will be students sitting in GCSE Science classes across the country who are learning about the world of light and how it is a much large concept than they ever thought of.

Light is made up of many different wavelengths. With the portion of light that is visible to our human eyes being very small.

Many of our aesthetic decorations are designed and made using the knowledge of light wavelengths, including jewellery and Chandeliers. The following Chandeliers UK firm  shows beautifully on its website the ways in which light can be used as a central focus in any given room.

What about the light that we cannot see. Where does that come from and where does it go? It’s quite easy the light that floods the Earth is the good old Sun. Not that old though. Scientist predict that the Sun is middle aged, and only has about 5 billion years left of life before it expands out and swallows the Solar system only to collapse back in on itself. No immediate danger then. Let’s work down the list and go through all the things the sun provide us in terms of light. Let’s begin with;

Ultraviolet rays – If you think of light as waves from the sky there is only a tiny band that you can see. We do not have the receptors in our ears to see ultra violet light. Some animals can. This is one of many aspects of light that comes form the sun that you need to protect yourself with sun cream. We can create ultraviolet light with a black light, this causes certain objects to glow as they reflect light on them. This is not harmful, and it can increase Vitamin D but you must be careful and not be exposed for too long.

X- Rays – You will probably be more familiar with this form of light. Again, you cannot see it but it is truly there and is incredibly useful. Was first discovered by a German scientist name Rontgen who realised that although they pass through the body we can use them the see any aliments. Rontgen duly took a photo of his wife’s hand and for the first time the bones could be send in a living person. This had enormous health benefits, as long as you are not exposed to too much x-rays, which is why people who work in medical environment get behind a lead screen and you sometimes have to wear a lead lined apron, if can be fatal.

Gamma Rays – While it may have turned Bruce Banner into the the Incredible hulk that was a work of fiction and it’s not a great idea to be too exposed to Gamma rays if you can help it. Inf act whenever Astronauts come into contact with it they ensure they are suited up.

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