Equipment required for commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaners require more heavy-duty equipment than residential cleaners. Equipment must be able to handle the pressures of this type of enterprise. Listed below is some of the cleaning equipment you will need.

Reliable, commercial-grade vacuum

You’ll need to invest in a vacuum cleaner that is commercial grade if you plan on opening a cleaning business. The vacuums you use at home are not suitable for industrial use, as they were not designed to be used daily and heavily. If you want a vacuum to withstand your needs, a backpack is the best choice. A backpack vacuum will save you time and effort by not having to drag it across the floor. Make sure the vacuum you choose has a large nozzle and good suction. It should also come with an extended warranty.

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Buckets and mop

You could invest in a floor cleaner, but for 95%, a bucket and squeegee will be enough. It is important that your clients return to their workplace the following day with clean linoleum, tile and wood floors. Always have caution signs visible on any surfaces that are wet. When you need Commercial Cleaning Services Gloucestershire, visit Into Cleaning who provide Commercial Cleaning Services Gloucestershire.

You will need plenty of microfibre towels to polish and wipe surfaces. You’ll also need different coloured cloths to identify the different environments. You may, for example, have blue cloths to indicate the toilet, and red in the kitchen. It is important that you do not transfer bacteria between the sinks in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Rubber gloves

You should wear gloves for a variety of reasons, including hygienic ones (especially when cleaning the bathroom). But you also want to protect yourself from harsh cleaning products. Even if your skin isn’t too affected by gentler cleaning products, it can still cause health problems. Rubber gloves that are thick and heavy duty will help you avoid this problem. Tip – wash them at the end each day. Wear only one pair of gloves in the bathroom and another for other areas such as the kitchen. You don’t want bacteria from one area to be transferred into another.

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Cleaning solutions you will need

Quality cleaning solutions are the second half of your business. If your client does not specify otherwise, you should probably choose solutions that are sustainable or environmentally friendly. These solutions may be a bit more expensive, but they are better for the planet and you will attract more clients.

Cleaning products that are “green” have become increasingly popular as they’re deemed safer and equally effective to their counterparts with more chemicals. You can get a big marketing boost if you use ‘clean-green’ cleaning products.

You’ll also need:

  • Surface spray
  • Concentrate solution floor cleaner
  • Glass cleaner spray
  • Soap scum remover
  • Disinfectant solution spray

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