How to decorate your wedding tables

Planning a wedding is incredibly exciting, and once you have chosen your Barn Wedding Venue Kent way, such as, you can start thinking about how you are going to decorate the space.

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Flowers – it is common to have flowers decorating a wedding venue. These could be flowers that are used as a part of the ceremony or flowers that are placed on the tables as a part of the decorations for the wedding breakfast. The flowers that you choose will often depend on personal preference as well as the colour theme that you have selected.

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Candles – these make a great addition to any space, and whilst you may not be able to have traditional candles lit in your wedding venue, there are lots of flameless versions that are just as spectacular. You could use them as centrepieces on your tables or place them along the aisle.

Table decorations – there are lots of different table decorations to choose from. Traditional items such as flowers and floral arrangements are still popular, as are more modern embellishments such as lanterns and ornamental sculptures.

Whatever you decide to have in place for your wedding, it is vital that these are a reflection of the two of you as a couple. It is a time to show the journey of your relationship and celebrate together with friends and family alike.

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