Four Apps That Improves Problem Solving Skills 

Solving problems has always been a valuable skill in every area of our life. If you want to succeed in your career, business and life, your ability to solve problems will play a huge role in it. While most people learned how to solve problems by being exposed to challenging situations and finding solutions, others don’t have that luxury. Due to this, not everybody is skilled at solving problems effectively. 

However, there are ways to improve your problem-solving skills in the long run through the use of technology. There are easy ways to achieve that with your smartphone. In this article from, we will be listing a few apps that can help you improve your problem-solving skills while having fun.



Elevate Labs introduced Elevate to us in 2014, it is a brain game app that helps its users improve their writing, speaking, listening, reading and math skills. It is one of the best apps that can help you solve math problems. 

Although you might have all the skills listed above, there is always room for improvement in every skill and you’ll need to keep developing these skills to keep up with the world. Passing each assessment in the training sessions will take you to a new level and the difficulty will be increased as well. 



Lumosity is a great web app that was created to help you improve your mental skills. It comes loaded with activities that are meant to improve people’s memory, flexibility, concentration levels, and rate of processing information. Lumosity is an amazing app that will help you improve and develop your problem-solving skills in the long run. Ever since its launch in 2007, Lumosity was able to garner over 70 million users back in January 2015, and it is available in English, Spanish, French and German.



Happify is more of an organization that is skilled in enhancing personal, organizational, and healthcare effectiveness by improving its users’ health. This app implements scientific experiments into gaming sessions that are designed to improve the mind’s resilience and tackle health conditions like depression, anxiety, severe pain, insomnia, and disorders. It is a good healthcare software platform you should have on your smartphone, which can be used to play games at casinos en ligne.



This is a cognitive training app that was launched in 2011. Ever since it has been downloaded by more than 10 million users. Neuronation is an app that focuses on improving its users’ cognitive abilities like learning, understanding, thinking, and memory. This is achieved through the specialized training sessions in the program.

While it’s an app that is native to Germany, the app is available in over eight languages, including Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, German, French and English. The app is actually quite popular amongst German healthcare practitioners.

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