Essentials for a movie night

It’s friday night, you just had a busy week and you’re ready to get home and relax. What’s better than to get cozy, make some hot chocolate and put on your favorite movie? In this article we will remind you how easy it is to have a perfect movie night at home, we are sure you already have everything you need.And if you don’t, we will also give you the suggestions of where to get everything. All you have to do is decide if you want to have all your friends over, just your loved one or if you want to enjoy some time by yourself. Oh, and you should probably think about the movie as well. If you can’t find a good one, check out IMDB for the latest favorites.

Comfy couch

This one is a no-brainer, we know, but this is the most important part of a successful movie night, after the TV of course. This is something that you probably already have, but we would like to remind you how easy it is to relax and have some quality time at home, and how little effort you have to put into it. Having a comfy couch is the first step to make sure you relax and enjoy your night. Throw on some pillows and a cozy blanket and you have the perfect setting for your night.


If you ask me, this is the best part of a movie night. There is something about getting together a bunch of snacks and arranging them into different bowls and plates that just makes you feel amazing. Keep in mind that if you are having a group of friends over, having the variety of sweet or salty, crunchy or soft and spicy or mild for everyone to enjoy something is necessary. If it’s just you, make sure you get all your favorites and forget about the calories for the night. The best part about this is that the snacks are not overpriced as they would be at the cinema, so you can splurge on all the different Pringles flavors and all the M&Ms. And if you decide to order some pizza half-way through the movie, we are 100% supporting that decision. Pepperoni or cheese?

Cozy Clothes

Now this one might raise some questions in your mind, but let us answer those questions. When watching a movie you want to be able to sit through the whole movie without getting frustrated that it’s too warm or too cold. A cardigan will give you the option of cuddling up and feeling warm, or leaving it unbuttoned or off the shoulders for a more breathable feel. Choose one of these merino wool cardigans you find on Keily’s, as they are the most breathable ones. This will save you some walks around the house in the search for the perfect cozy outfit, and the best part is, you can also wear this cardigan outside at any time, as it is super stylish.

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