Why We Need to Raise Mental Health Awareness

It is estimated that millions will experience some type of mental illness each year. Yet, despite these staggering statistics, only half of them seek professional help. In fact, most of them wait for many years or longer to receive treatment. This lack of awareness about mental health conditions stems in large part from the stigma associated with seeking treatment. Perhaps the most effective way to combat this stigma is by raising public awareness.

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The stigma associated with mental illnesses prevents many people from seeking treatment, and it also keeps people from realising that there is help available. The shame surrounding mental illness often impedes recovery and can keep people from pursuing treatment. Suicide rates are higher in men and this shows little sign of changing anytime soon. Regardless of race or ethnicity, it costs a high social and economic toll on those affected and the family members of those who have committed suicide. For a range of Mental Health Courses, go to Tidal Training Mental Health Courses

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Moreover, raising awareness about mental illness reduces the stigma associated with it. Studies have shown that one in five adults will suffer from a mental disorder during their lifetime. Not only will this affect the sufferer, but it will also affect their families and friends. The stigma surrounding mental illness makes it harder for people with a mental illness to access help, which can be detrimental to their wellbeing. By raising public awareness about mental health, healthcare workers can make a real difference in creating a better space for people to deal with their issues.

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