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Pain in the neck? 3 easy remedies to better face the winter


The neck pain is usually localized to the neck but sometimes it can also radiate to the arms and shoulders and, in the worst phase, can cause dizziness and nausea.

It can depend on strokes of fresh or bad posture, but you should not underestimate the influence of the emotional sphere in this field. Stress, in fact, is often a major cause of cervical, so it is important to follow some good habits and a proper lifestyle.

If you want to try to avoid or limit your intake of painkillers, there are some very simple remedies and natural to watch.

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1) Meditation and Yoga: Very often, the main causes of cervical are attributed to an incorrect posture. Yoga is a discipline that allows you to relax your sore muscles and to recover a correct posture. Yoga exercises may be associated with meditation. This last fact is a valuable aid to relieve the stress accumulated from the problems of everyday life, which drop down both physically and mind. A constant practice of these disciplines can help you clear your mind with consequent benefits on the body that will learn to free themselves from contractures.

2) Thermotherapy: An effective remedy in case of muscle or joint pain is thermotherapy. The heat in fact has a natural analgesic effect and student immediately the pain. It is shown in particular in cases of tension or muscle tears and in cases of chronic joint pain also. The ideal temperature so that the heat therapy to be effective must be around 40/45° and applications must last between 8 and 12 hours. The ideal is to wear a cervical collar that emits therapeutic heat for more than 8 hours and that can be worn comfortably in every place and at every time of the day; the Velcro closure also gives support to the neck and ensures good grip.

3) Lifestyle: To prevent neck pain does not become chronic, it is important to change your lifestyle day by day and adopt a set of good habits. It is important to learn to have a more relaxed approach to life, as for example the quality of their sleep. If sleep is not restful properly, the muscles will never recover to 100% their own. For a good quality sleep, you should try to avoid the use of PCs and smartphones before bedtime. These devices tend to raise the adrenaline and norepinephrine, hormones that should be calm to allow a good rest. It is best to consume a light dinner and avoid sweets and alcohol before going to sleep. Move sugars (sweets and fruit) at breakfast, you will soon feel the difference in terms of general well-being and your muscles will thank you. Try to regulate activities: those who lead a sedentary life is brought into awkward postures and also in a state of total muscle weakness, postural muscles is much harder to support the body.

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