6 Tricks to clear the nose closed for a few minutes

clear the nose

The steam generated during the hot showers is a very effective remedy to free the congested nose and get immediate relief.

Colds are a constant in our lives, especially during times when we are exposed to constant temperature changes, such as the arrival of spring or autumn.

This condition provides a general malaise that increases when we have a stuffy nose.

First, it does not arrive sufficient oxygen to our body; secondly, if we try to breathe through the mouth, the quality of the same will not be optimal.

For this reason, it is important to find a way to rid the nose closed when you are in this situation, since an improvement in this regard will mitigate the typical cold pain.

Therefore, pay close attention to the following tips to clear the nose, because the difference between follow and not follow them is abysmal.

clear the nose
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1. Spicy Food

Spicy foods dissolve the mucus, thus help clear the nose closed for a few minutes. The effect, however, does not last long, but because they disdain the benefits of the food?

To enjoy their properties, add to your meals ingredients such as onion or garlic, preferably raw, condiments such as wasabi or eat the chiles.

In this way, in addition to adding nutritious foods in their diet, you decongestant your nose.

2. Massage your sinuses

The sinuses are the spaces that are next to the nasal septum.

You will build up a large amount of mucus, thus making a circular motion on the area, you will allow it to dissolve and it favorite a distribution less annoying.

How to achieve them?

  • Use the index and middle fingers, resting his fingertips on the para-nasal sinuses, below the eye socket, and move them in circles.
  • For 20 or 3 seconds, take care of the areas closest to the nose and, then, of those below the eyes.
  • Finally, place your thumbs on the cheeks and made a circular motion outward.

3. Check breathing

Sometimes you will have to shut your ears and you have blown plugging his nose to solve the problem? The technique we propose is very similar, but not identical.

What to do?

  • Breathe deeply and close your nose. Later, the nose always plugged, try to expel the air as you walk until you feel discomfort.
  • At this point, release your hands and breathe normally, sit down; in a few minutes you start to regain breathe in a normal way.

4. Saline

In this case, you have two options: buy the liquid in pharmacy or prepare it yourself at home.

Both are effective in the same way, but in our blog we are always in favor of natural remedies, especially if they are as simple as this: you just have to boil water and salt and let cool.

When ready, use a syringe to pour the liquid into the nasal passages so that it acts as an expectorant and a dissolve for your stuffy nose.

5. Mint is the enemy of mucus

As we know, the mint is used in the presence of colds to alleviate any respiratory problem, because it contains acetic acid and ascorbic acid.

The power of these substances is so effective that use inhalers menthol ointment or resorting to the classic mint to respiratory system will put an end to your problems in a few minutes.

6. Take a hot shower

The water vapor will pass through the respiratory system, diluting the mucus, which prevents the arrival of the amount of air, required.

Certainly, also, a certain amount of hot water will enter directly into the nose, and then you can decongestant.

Do not be afraid to worsen your condition with this shower to rid the nose. When you come out of the shower, dry yourself well and not run any risk. Also think you have to get rid of microbes produced by sneezing or coughing.

Take note of these tips, because, unfortunately, sooner or later you’ll need. Thanks to them, you will regain the lost health because of the cold. It is worth trying.

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