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Your children will love these Bath toys

There are some things in life that will make you really take a breath in and smile from cheek to cheek and one of them is seeing the joy on your childs face when playing in the bath water with their favourite toys.  This can also be a very good excuse to let your inner child out and use your imagination to play along with them and come up with some cool stories.

We have come up with a few items we think you and your child will love at bath time.

The white hot safety bath Duck –

So as a parent safety of your child always comes first so this toy is an excellent first choice.

When you have run your bath by putting in the cold water and then the hot, whilst mixing it all around you might find you cant tell the temperature of the water any more.  Pop this duck in the water and it will show you how hot it is by lighting up in a certain colour.  This toy is also watertight, easy to grab and light weight.  You also need to think about how much water your using as no one wants to worry about drowning. You might want to watch your pipes as well, especially in the cold weather as hot water running through cold, icy pipes can cause problems.   Most importantly when you store your bath toys you need to dry them properly so no mould can grow and some houses don’t always have enough storage so popping it in your outhose on some garage shelving is ideal.  You can source this from sites including garage shelving

Splish splash bath time stacking cups –

These are BPA free toys with vibrant and beautiful colours that will attract the childs eyes and once dipped in the water it filters through the holes in the bottom of the cups creating a waterfall effect.  The other fun creative idea the child will do is use hand eye coordination to stack them on top of each other.

Fishing bath toy –

Now this is one of those toys you can join in with as who doesn’t love a bit of fishing, except with these you can catch a fish every time.  With it’s mini fishing rod and magnetic bate you will both have a splash with this game.  This will also help later on when you are teaching your children to count and learn the colours of the rainbow.

The rainbow fish book –

This book is water proof, has sensory materials throughout the story to touch and feel and brightly coloured pages.  It will allow for story time, teaching letters and to help learn the five senses.  They will Hear, Touch, Smell the bubble bath, Taste the splashing water and See the colours.

Wind up scuba diver –

Off course there is the old classic scuba diver wind up toy that has a simple wind up mechanism and fires across the bath like he’s swimming.  These classics never get old.

Wow what an awful Is Dating Experience

You’ve probably had some bad dates in your time. Maybe you contracted food poisoning from a dodgy restaurant, had your toes trodden on by a suitor with two left feet or got left alone in a secluded part of town after a blind date turned out to be the most boring person on the planet.

But, bad memories though they are, you won’t be able to beat the terrible first date experienced by Bristol man Liam Smyth recently – or in fact, that of his date.

Student Liam, 24, had treated the young woman – who is unnamed to protect her modesty – to a meal at a local Nando’s restaurant, and they had enjoyed each other’s company so much that the pair decided to retire to Liam’s house to watch TV, have a drink cuddle under blankets to keep warm as he hadn’t got his column radiators installed yet from sites.

So far so good – but after the couple reached Liam’s house, events took a rather bizarre and embarrassing turn which ended up with the duo having to call the fire brigade. By the end of the night the pair were left with red faces, a broken window and a bad date story which went viral.

It all started when the unnamed woman had to use her date’s toilet. Unfortunately, when she tried to flush a rather large ‘deposit’ away, the toilet was not up to the job, so to speak.

Stuck Fast

In a panic, the young lady retrieved her stool from the toilet bowl, wrapped it in toilet paper and tried to dispose of it by throwing it out of the window. Now, you may think this was a bad idea – and you’d be correct, for instead of disappearing into the night, the poo got stuck in a gap between two largely un-opening windows.  They obviously weren’t well-designed windows.

After confessing the embarrassing situation to her date, the young woman volunteered to be lowered into the gap to retrieve the offending object, but promptly got stuck herself. According to the BBC, the woman was suspended upside down for half an hour.

Liam had to call the fire brigade to release his date, and was left with a £300 bill to replace the window – but at least he had an amusing story to tell.

Bedroom Decorating Rules

Everyone’s bedroom should be a haven to escape to, containing all your favourite colours, decorations and fabrics. However, there are some basic rules to stick to if you want to create a seriously sophisticated bedroom:

Smooth Colours

Instead of bold primary colours, choose soothing hues and calm tones from a monochromatic palette. Remember colour theory: gentle blues, lavenders, or green are considered calm and serene. Rich colours help set the mood of pleasure and comfort. These may include chocolates, deep oranges or turquoise. Use paler versions of your favourite colours in the bedroom.

Keep it simple

Your bedroom should look tranquil and simple, classy and elegant, no matter what decorating style you choose. To facilitate ease of movement, leave at least three feet between the bed and the wall or large pieces of furniture and at least two feet between the bed and low furniture, such as tables and dressers. Furnish your bedroom with just what you need. A bed, a bedside table or two, a dresser, and a chair are necessities. Accessories should be kept to a minimum. Pick a piece of artwork that you love, arrange some favourite photos, add flowers and candles, then leave it alone.

Plenty of storage

To add a sense of calm to your bedroom, store things out of sight to give a minimalist look. The room will look calmer and airier. Consider a side table that’s big enough and has drawers or a cupboard, behind which you can hide books, cosmetics, tissues or anything else you need but want out of view. For more storage, choose a round table or a small cabinet with drawers. Use an ottoman or storage trunk at the end of the bed to store extra sheets, blankets, and pillows. For easily-accessible storage, choose a bed with built-in shelves or sliding panels.

Choose the right size

When you are ready to buy bedroom furniture, start with the floor plan and measure the space properly. Furniture must fit the room, and this is especially true for bedroom furniture. Do not pick, heavy big beds and dressers for a small bedroom. For big rooms, choose furniture that fits it, too such as furniture and accessories that aren’t too small and look lost.

Include a Private Nook

Give yourself a special gift with a quiet place to sit and read. Make a cosy reading or relaxing area with a luxurious chair and footstool at the end of the bed or in a corner.

Should you have the space, construct a window seat underneath the window and enjoy the view and healthy natural light.

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