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Contractures and muscle tears: Quick and simple exercises to avoid and deal with them


Quick exercises to be done in the life of every day to prevent contractures in the muscles tear. Not necessarily the problems natural muscle or skeletal are caused by trauma or tears, often the occurrence of these annoying pain simply comes from bad posture or bad habits that we adopt in our daily lives. If prolonged fact, these improper behavior may cause many pains, also contributing to alter the curvature of the spine at the level of the cervical or lumbar. It is for this reason that we consider essential to correct postures and bad habits and adopt the right attitudes to avoid rips and contractures in the long run could cause annoying problems.

One way to tackle this type of problem is the thermotherapy, which uses the heat for therapeutic purposes, helping to reduce joint stiffness or muscle spasm. An example of technology applied to heat therapy patches are or self-bands that act directly on the affected part from the pain, providing relief and muscle relaxation.

But there are a number of tips to follow to avoid tensions and contractures, thus trying not to get to hard to handle situations. Here are some useful exercises that can be done comfortably in everyday situations, even at the desk, to promote muscle relaxation and avoid neck pain or back pain.

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Lean over the neck

Here is an exercise to practice several times a day if you are forced to stay seated for a long time, in front of a computer. Sitting at a desk with your back straight and your legs bent, perpendicular to the shoulders, made a slow and gradual side tilt of the neck, first one way and then the other. Help yourself with your hand and you’re in that position for about 4-5 seconds. This will help dissolve the cervical muscles – sorely tested by stress, tension and bad posture – and stretch the spine.

Simple stretching exercises

Every so often, when you feel you need, practice of simple stretching exercises. Always sitting, stretch your arms, legs, neck and torso. Dedicated to each exercise a few seconds.

For the neck, bent his head slightly back and forth and from side to side, then look to the right and left. You can repeat it for a bit ‘of times, at your discretion and according to your needs, but remember to do it slowly, without haste. To try to relax the muscles of the shoulders and back – situation certainly complicated by the curved position that usually takes at your desk – you should get used to rotate from time to time your shoulders forward and then backward. It will do ten for both directions, and soon you will feel less tense and more relaxed.

Furthermore, to facilitate a relaxation of the muscles of the back, spread your arms and bring your shoulders back: in this way, the stretching is done in the opposite direction compared filamentous and you should feel an immediate sense of relief. You can repeat the exercise as often as you want.

Get up from your desk at least every half hour and walk a little

Remember then to get up every half hour from your desk, useful exercise for both body and mind. It is essential habit, often overlooked, which helps not only muscle relaxation but also blood circulation. The ideal would be to go outside and do the stairs, so not overly strain your eyes, avoid the occurrence of headaches and do some ‘movement, thus preventing fatigue and tension in the legs and lower back.

Rotate wrists and ankles clockwise and counterclockwise

As for the legs, as we said, the best solution to avoid muscle fatigue is getting up from your desk and walk around for a few seconds, so stretching the muscles and through promoting a better circulation. Once back seats, rotate your ankles clockwise and counterclockwise, and repeat the exercise at least three times.

Do the same with the wrists: Rotate your wrists in one direction and in the opposite direction every hour, repeating the exercise at least 5 times. This will prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, who are especially susceptible those who write continuously on a keyboard using the mouse.

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