What goes with wood flooring?

The simple answer to that question is ‘everything’. Wooden floors are probably the most versatile flooring you can have.

Their timeless, elegant appearance goes with just about any interior style and any colour scheme, and will also make your house more sellable when it’s time to move.

Different finishes

A highly polished finish to your floor will give a sleek and modern look to your room. It will also reflect lots of light, so is a good option for darker rooms, or anywhere you want to maximise natural daylight. If you have floorboards, you can varnish them or paint them with a high-gloss paint. If you prefer a more rustic look, a distressed wood floor might be more to your taste, with its ‘lived in’ look. It’s also more tolerant of the bumps and scrapes of family life, which only add to the appeal of the distressed look.

Mix and match

The beauty of natural materials like wood is that you can mix and match. Don’t worry if you have a pine door, oak table and wenge floors – the combination will look relaxed and pleasantly eclectic. If you are installing a new floor, and want to make sure it works well with your existing furniture, opt for a mid-toned wood or laminate, like a natural pine or dark oak, as these will be a good neutral backdrop. Flooring specialists like wood floor warehouse have a great range of flooring to meet all budgets and tastes.

Warm up with textures

While wood, tiles and laminates all look good, the one thing that hard floors lack is a little softness and cosiness. Rugs can warm up a room, both in looks and in terms of retaining heat, and will also help reduce noise levels. If you have open plan living areas, rugs will also define your room, helping to ‘zone’ your space, and they can be moved around to suit your needs. Put them in front of a sofa for a cosy space, or along a hallway to reduce draughts.

Curtains and cushions will also soften the look of a sitting room or bedroom. If you like a neutral, simple look, choose natural fabrics in creams, greys and taupe, but pops of bright colour and patterns will also sit beautifully against the natural tones of a wooden floor or laminate.

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