Two Fun Party games for all ages!

When organising a party try to think of fun games specifically aimed at the age group attending.  From children’s games to more adult entertainment, plan ahead and you will succeed in providing your guests with the right level of fun.  Musical Chairs, can be a suitable form of entertainment for children and adults alike. Played along to music, the participants walk around a wide circle of chairs until the music stops.  As quickly as possible everybody runs to sit on an empty chair, there is always one less chair than players! The one person who remains standing is out, another chair is removed from the circle and the music starts again. This continues until only the operator chair and two people remain, the last one to sit in the final chair wins a prize. It’s advisable to probably use chairs such as Best Buy Office Chairs as the game becomes very competitive as the contestants run and fight for the last chair.

Pass the Parcel is an incredibly popular musical game enjoyed again by children and adults alike.  A small prize is wrapped up with in several layers of paper and passed around the circle of guests while music is playing.  As soon as the music stops the person holding the parcel removes one layer of paper, the music starts back up and the prize continues around until all the paper is removed.  The last person to take off a sheet of paper wins the prize.

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