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Running heat: These are the precautions you should take

Running heat

If you go for a run in the hottest months of the year, remember to take these precautions to train safely.

The hottest months of the year are already here, but that should not be a reason for neglecting the daily exercise that many benefits, physical and psychological, offers us. If you are a lover of running and yours is running out day in and day out, you can do so in summer; yes, taking a number of precautions that will help avoid injury or discomfort and maximize the results of your training. These are our recommendations for you to keep adding kilometers safely.

What time is best jogging?

If in autumn and winter six p.m. it is an ideal base for kilometers, since the climate is more temperate and has not yet dark, is not in the summer time. The best thing to do is choose the coolest hours of the day (early morning or late afternoon) to continue with your training. Read more

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