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Water retention in the legs: The remedies to eliminate heaviness and swelling

Water retention in the legs

Water retention is a predominantly female problem that mostly affects the legs, thighs and buttocks and can cause an unpleasant feeling of heaviness and swelling, as well as cellulite and fluid stagnation. But what are the most effective remedies to combat it? Here are useful tips to eliminate water retention in the legs.

Water retention in the legs and buttocks is one of the most unpleasant unsightly problems regarding the female gender. In fact, this is not just an aesthetic issue, but the real health. Water retention in fact, it causes swelling and heaviness in the legs and can lead to accumulation of fluid accumulation that results in so hated cellulite.

Water retention in the legs: What is and what causes?

Water retention is nothing more than the accumulation and water retention in the spaces between one cell and another of our body, and has as main causes an imbalance between the lymphatic and venous system and poor blood circulation. If there are changes in the functionality of these two systems in fact, you can have water retention, which causes the following symptoms: swelling and edema – especially at the level of the legs, thighs and buttocks – cellulite and skin blemishes.

The woman it is particularly subject close to the menstrual cycle or pre-cycle, or at particular times such as pregnancy and menopause, due to hormonal changes important. There is also a tablet-water retention, always caused by hormonal imbalances and optimal dosages not really going to affect hydration, holding liquid and causing swelling abdomen and heaviness at the level of the belly and legs in particular. Besides fact to an unhealthy lifestyle, inadequate hydration and poor diet, it is the hormonal conditions and the resulting imbalances greatest effect on the presence of water retention and cellulite.

Once you understand what exactly the water retention and what are the causes and symptoms, we try to figure out what to do to fight it and what are the most effective remedies to prevent it. Read more

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