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7 exercises and stretches you must do in the office to feel better

Office exercise

The modern workplace makes thousands of people spend many hours a day sitting in front of your computer without exercise your body. While this position is comfortable for some, is shown to hold for prolonged periods are harmful to metabolic health, joint and muscle.

Compounding the problem is more with the fact that some just tired of their days and do not have enough time to exercise. Given the risks that this entails, it has designed several plans “labor gymnastics” with which you are invited to activate the body from the workplace.

Although not intend to bring a full gym to the office, it is very interesting to relieve muscle tension, stress and other reactions related to physical inactivity practice. The movements proposed are very easy to do; they do not take away a long time and can be made up in confined spaces.

Here we share the 7 best for you to start to devote a few minutes a day. Put them into practice! Read more

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