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9 Reasons to quit smoking for sure have not heard

quit smoking

Have you calculated the amount of money you invest a year in snuff? With the money you spend if you smoke two packs a week a month you could afford a wonderful holiday.

Smokers usually do not like to be asked if they know is doing to their health, although they know it. However, if you’re hooked on cigarettes or someone close to you is, chances are you interested to know these 9 Reasons to quit smoking for sure have not heard.

If you smoke, your future children also will smoke

It is no surprise that children of smokers are more likely to smoke, but even if you stop smoking before birth, your children can get to take the habit. A recent study published in the journal Pediatrics found that children of current and former smokers have the possibility of 23 to 29 percent fall into this addiction, compared to only eight percent of the children of nonsmokers.

Even those who raided a habit to nicotine secondarily had children who were at least 3.2 times more likely to smoke than those whose parents never smoked cigarettes. Researchers are not sure why children imitate adolescent smokers his parents, but at least some in the field think it could be genetic. Read more

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