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The debate about protein? Just choose the right ones


Do you remember the war on fat? For years, the medical community has said that fats were our enemy number one, responsible for all manner of disease and that they went absolutely reduced. Heedless of the fact that calories taken with fat reduction were often retrieved with sugars, doctors have promoted for years the reduction of fat almost like a magic mantra to lose weight, prevent heart attacks, to reduce the risk of cancer.

At that time, few people were questioning if indeed the scientific data would confirm this thesis. As often happens in the history of science and medicine, the majority of experts do not necessarily supported the most correct theory but merely the most popular.

Similarly, for years doctors have suggested that muscles and brain serve sugar and that these differences do not hurt themselves, but are essential to feel energetic. So, on with pasta, bread, pizza, croissants, various cakes but, for heaven’s sake, no butter!

The emerging picture today is very different from that advocated for years and is now so strong that no one can, in good conscience, continue to deny it: fat not only do not hurt but they are essential for optimal health, even in moderate doses in their saturated version.

To observe the current fashionable crusade against the proteins seem to relive the history of fats. When we hear from ordinary people on the street “now everybody knows that the proteins are bad” is really to worry about! I remember how many times I’ve heard triumphantly from people who ate in a very bad way, “I do not assume anything of fat.” Read more

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