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School safety, know who is around!

Working in a School or College is exciting, rewarding and provides a different challenge every day. The children and young adults that attend your Educational place of work are vulnerable, bright, intelligent and relying on you and your colleagues to educate them and keep them safe. All Schools and Colleges must have a policy in place regarding Health, Safety and Security so that they can respond quickly to any incident.  Alongside a Safeguarding policy any security plan must compliment and run coherently so that all students are fully protected from threats, abuse and danger. Recording all visitors to your School or College can be a time consuming, arduous and tedious role.  There is however an easy way to keep these details safe and secure apart from manually writing them down into a visitor log book.  There are several different companies that can provide a Visitor Management System such as

From the Queen, to famous footballers, the Prime minister, the Pope, pantomime troupes and science shows everybody has to be recorded and signed in securely.

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From Infants to Juniors, to Secondary and on to College young people love to have visitors to their place of education.  The change from the normal daily school routine is anticipated and enjoyed.  The buzz of excitement that visitors bring creates a new sense of anticipation to a lesson and the class are eager to learn from their new “teachers”.

Upbeat songs about moving home.

There is not much in life that’s more stressful than moving home, from the countless hours wrapping delicate china and glass to the sorting boxes when you actually arrive at the new property.  The long hours of cleaning, packing, chasing up Solicitors and movers as well as chivvying up the other members of your household can be arduous to say the least.  How can you possibly make this laborious process bearable or even fun?  Strangely the answer is actually quite simple!  MUSIC!  Up beat tunes played about moving away, saying goodbye to old friends and making new ones can make your moving days happier and put a pep in your step.

“Hit the road Jack” by Ray Charles is certainly an up beat melody that will get your feet tapping and most people will now the chorus even if they don’t know the verse.

“Move it on up” by Curtis Mayfield is another favourite sing along song that can jolly along the packing, sorting and cleaning process.

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The classic all-time favourite songs like “Homeward bound” by Simon and Garfunkel and “Leaving on a jet plane” by John Denver are definitely tunes that everybody, young or old can sing along to. If you are taking the plunge and moving house then make sure you talk to the experts such as and do your homework search several websites and browse Estate Agents Gloucester and other desirable areas.

Moving home doesn’t have to be stressful, put the music on loud and sing-a-long, have some fun.

Two Fun Party games for all ages!

When organising a party try to think of fun games specifically aimed at the age group attending.  From children’s games to more adult entertainment, plan ahead and you will succeed in providing your guests with the right level of fun.  Musical Chairs, can be a suitable form of entertainment for children and adults alike. Played along to music, the participants walk around a wide circle of chairs until the music stops.  As quickly as possible everybody runs to sit on an empty chair, there is always one less chair than players! The one person who remains standing is out, another chair is removed from the circle and the music starts again. This continues until only the operator chair and two people remain, the last one to sit in the final chair wins a prize. It’s advisable to probably use chairs such as Best Buy Office Chairs as the game becomes very competitive as the contestants run and fight for the last chair.

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Pass the Parcel is an incredibly popular musical game enjoyed again by children and adults alike.  A small prize is wrapped up with in several layers of paper and passed around the circle of guests while music is playing.  As soon as the music stops the person holding the parcel removes one layer of paper, the music starts back up and the prize continues around until all the paper is removed.  The last person to take off a sheet of paper wins the prize.

Should you Buy a Cat or Dog for Your Home?

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There is nothing better than having cuddles and affection from your pet; if you live alone or don’t have kids, then getting a pet for your home is perfect. When deciding on what pet you want, you will need to consider your living situation and your family dynamic; some pets require more care and attention, whilst some may not need constant attention and fuss. If you live in a tiny apartment, but still want a pet, you could always consider a smaller pet to look after.

Firstly, it is important to weigh up the pros and cons of owning each pet to see if it fits with your personality. If you are someone who gets lonely easily, and perhaps works from home, then you may want to consider a dog; dogs are highly sociable and loyal pets, and they will require plenty of attention – dogs are pack animals, so it is in their nature to live in family groups. If you live a busy lifestyle and prefer to be left alone a bit more in the evenings, then a cat will be the best option. Cats are solitary animals, so they do not need constant attention and fuss from their owners, but they will be more than happy to sit and sleep on your lap whilst you watch TV.

It’s important that you think about your living situation before you buy a pet; if you want a dog, but live in a small apartment, then you will probably need to wait until your living situation changes. Cats also like to be able to go out when they please, so if you live in a flat above the ground floor, then you may need to think again. Dog’s can most likely adjust better to small apartments because they get walked, but this will need to be a smaller dog that won’t require too much space. If you live in a big house, then you will easily be able to provide a home for a cat or dog; as long as you have a catflap, your cat will be able to come and go as they please. If your house is small and has limited garden space, then you might want to opt for a small dog.

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Dogs are much more complicated pets as they require proper training, effective discipline, and walks; dogs will strive to be the ‘pack leader’, so if you don’t assert your dominance, then you might find yourself to be the lowest in the ‘pack’. Cats are much simpler, they don’t assert their dominance over you, and they tend to be more independent; cats go out on their own, they clean themselves, and they require little care apart from any medication and food etc. Cats need to be litter trained, but in general, they don’t particularly need any training at all. Cats provide a lot of love and affection to their favourite humans, but they are also more than happy to snooze by themselves. Dog’s are known as ‘mans best friend’, so they will regularly be by your side when you need them. If you decide to get a dog, you might want to treat them to a fancy dog collar; there are many online retailers that sell Designer Dog Collars for your pampered pooch – these collars are great quality and will fit comfortably on your dog.

How background music can impact your shopping experience

Have you ever wondered why music is played in shops? Some stores get it right, while others leave customers running for the door. So why do they do it and how does it affect the way we shop? You may be surprised to know that most people find silence in store much more oppressive and uncomfortable. This is not something we think about until afterwards. Here are a few reasons why playing music stores:


It’s all about creating the perfect atmosphere. As more and more of us are choosing to shop online, physical stores have to concentrate on their customer experience to make them stand out from the competition. For this reason, most shops believe they would jeopardize their sales if they stopped playing music in the background. The kind of music chosen affects the atmosphere, so if you want to create a certain mood in store, you have to choose your music carefully. Would you like upbeat, vibrant beats or a relaxing, soothing vibe? For help with choosing the right Instore Music, visit a site like Mood Media, a supplier of Instore Music.

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Setting the Pace

Did you know that the speed and volume of the music being played in the store has an effect on how quickly customers move around the aisles? Playing low volume, slow paced songs encourages shoppers to spend more time browsing while loud, fast songs make people move faster in and out of the store. You might think that moving faster means people do not stop to buy anything but strangely this does not change the speed and volume of sales figures.

Affects What Consumers Buy

Research has shown time and again that if good music is playing, shoppers will spend more on impulse purchases. When asked, the buyer claimed they were not even aware of hearing music which proves that music has a powerful subliminal effect. Classical music makes people buy more expensive items, probably because it leads customers into conscious thought about class, taste and luxury goods. If you want to have a boost on products from certain countries, then just play background music in the style of that country and it will lead people to specific products.

Brand Awareness

The music that you play can help to develop a brand identity and awareness. If you want to project a corporate image, then go with classic sophistication. Maybe your brand is edgy, hip and forward-thinking so that you can select rock, alternative, chart or pop songs. You can clearly show your personality through the volume, style and tempo of the music played.


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Personal Space

Buyers use music to cocoon themselves into a personalized shopping space and they do not even realize that they are doing it. Music masks conversation and helps to prevent distraction. It also puts customers at ease so you can browse without the feeling that you are being heard or watched. It gives a sense of privacy, giving us time to make important decisions without pressure. Stores that play music are generally considered more modern, more comfortable and more likely to see repeat business.

The draw of the older persons sitcom

Looking at sitcoms most centre around misfits, semi dysfunctional families or the misadventures of youth. These are easy to write around but there is a section of society, and they are growing year on year, which can also provide lots of laughs. It is the late middle aged and elderly. They get a bit forgotten but it is worth remembering that this is generation that has seen it all plus they got to be in their twenties in the hedonistic age of the 1960’s and 70’s so they’ve pretty much seen it all.  This has changed as there are several comedy programs that focus on the world of the retired, and the fun they can get up to fill the time now that employment is over. These older sitcoms and programs are perfect to watch with your care individuals if you work in Dementia live in care as the stories and locations will often spark a conversation or perhaps a memory reminder.

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  1. Last of the Summer Wine. Lasting for thirty seven years and several cast changes this is seen as one of the best examples. Written by the master of the gentle comedy Roy Clarke (also responsible for Open all Hours and Keeping up Appearances) the show focused on 3 retired friends spending their days in a picturesque village in the Yorkshire dales. It combined slapstick humour, owing much to the silent generation of film, with gentle ribbing by the three friends. The cast reads like a who’s who of British Comedy with Bill Owen, Kathy Staff, Dame Thora Hird, Peter Sallis who kept up the role of Clegg into his late eighties and Burt Kwouk all coming into replace aging characters.
  2. Still Game. A gem from Scotland that has managed to translate well into the mainstream. It’s similar to Summer Wine but the focus is more about the ribald elements of life. Again it centres around three male protagonists that are determined to make their Seventies go with a bang.

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  1. The Golden girls. This brilliant US comedy focuses on four ladies that have seen life and a bit more. Rose from St Olaf Minnesota, the naïve but wise peacemaker, between the buxom life loving, and some would say over indulging, Southern Belle Blanche and Dorothy the hard nosed New Yorker divorcee forced to bring her acerbic but actually deeply caring Mother along. The knockabout quick script and perfect one-liners laid down the template for how Frasier and Friends would be made.
  2. Waiting for God. Set in a nursing home around the friendship of two residents Diana and Tom. Both are there for the convenience of their families and they dedicate their lives to causing trouble for the management and their infrequently visiting relatives.

Ideas for a family living room design that will make everyone happy

For a peaceful home, it is important to design a family living room that works for all. Consider what changes you can make to the style, layout and convenience of your living room to make sure that all family members enjoy the room as a place to relax in.

The living room is the most sociable room in the house, so be sure to provide enough seating for the whole family, plus a few guests. If you do not have space for additional seats, a pouffe will do the job and can be used as a stool when not needed as a seat. If you are looking to buy a new seat, check to see if you have room to upgrade to a padded seat that can seat two people who love to curl up together.

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Above all, you need to offer living room comfort. Deep sofas with plump chairs decorated with overstuffed pillows will attract the whole family to settle in and spend the night together and not in separate rooms.

A low-level desk that can double as a table for drawing will be useful for everyone, and bean bags or knitted sofas will serve as a comfortable chair for a small child. Fun furniture in warm colours will also attract family members to relax and socialise together. A piece like the Egg Chair offers both fun and comfort. Get yours at a site like

If you do not have a separate play room, it is wise to designate a corner of your living room as a play area for children. Without one, toys can get spread everywhere, transforming your entire living room into one large play room – not ideal!

Personalize your living room with an array of favourite family photos. Hang frames that are the same size and colour, and arrange in formation to create a stunning impact.

Make sure you have a living room that is tech and media-friendly. Choose a lower unit that won’t crowd the room and aim for the wall space above to be kept open by installing floating shelves. Go for a pale colour scheme for the walls and furniture to provide a unified view and hide all TV-related gadgets in a wicker basket.

Who says you cannot have style and sophistication in a family? Paint the walls a bright, neutral tone in a finish that can be easily wiped down and fix fussy curtains with cleaner lines in the window. Select hardwearing leather sofas for easy-clean option, they look better when they are well-loved as well. Then add modern glamour with a ceiling chandelier for a show-stopping look that will also be well out of reach of little fingers!

Modern family life can be busy, so create a living space that encourages you to stop for quality family time and enjoy each other’s company.

Five Style Secrets From Celebrity Stylists

When we see celebrities on TV, perfectly styled for an interview, posing on the red carpet or looking glamorous at an awards show, we all tend to have the same thoughts. We think: how do they manage to look so good? And why can’t I look like that? It’s natural to compare ourselves to celebrities, but the reality is they don’t look like that all the time, and they don’t get to look like that on their own. Celebrities have a full team of experts to help them, including hair and make-up artists and clothing stylists to pick the perfect dress or outfit. The perfect outfit will enhance your figure and can certainly make you look and feel like a million dollars. Our tips can ensure you can achieve that star style. Read more

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