An age-by-age guide to picking sports for your child

There are so many choices for sport when it comes to your children that it can be difficult to choose which one is the most age appropriate. When looking for the perfect sport for your child, there are no rules to follow, but it’s important to know which sports are going to be suitable for your child’s age. Here’s our guide to picking out the perfect sport for every age.

Ages 2 to 5

Children who are on the younger side of the sports scale are just learning their basic movements and will probably be too young to participate in organised sports. At this point, it’s not that important to find the perfect sport for your child. Instead, allow them to try out different ones they may enjoy more in later life.

The best kind of sport for this age is more like free play. Go for sports such as swimming, dancing and tumbling. Your child may start to show passion for a sport at this age and you absolutely should encourage it, but make sure to check the recommended starting age before enrolling in any lessons.

Ages 6 to 9

Once children hit this age, they are a little bit older and can concentrate for longer amounts of time. They will be able to follow clear instructions and take part in different training activities, such as a netball drill.

At this age, your child may enjoy sports such as touch rugby, swimming, gymnastics or martial arts. Their transitional skills will be better as well, so they can take on harder sports than the toddler age.

Ages 10 and Up

At the age of 10, your child may have come to you and expressed their interest in a specific sport. They will have the right vision and coordination to be able to excel at any sport at this point. Take notice of what your child’s preference is for their activities and go with it. Doing something they have an interest in will mean they will enjoy the overall experience more.

Children change as they grow up, so be prepared to skip through quite a few sports as the years go on.

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