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Zeal, or Scotch sixed our new and unsuspected makeup tool


Although at the time the cellophane was invented by a Swiss textile engineer as a transparent coating to waterproof fabrics, the truth is that soon become known as the adhesive tape zeal, sixed or Scotch which were used to join two objects.

This practice tape is that it has also become a tool of great beauty because we can use to correct a stroke of eyeliner, eye shadow delineate use it to improve the contouring or even use it when we’re painting your nails.

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If you are thinking to encourage you to play the makeup of Adele but gives you fear that you shake the pulse and the stroke of eyeliner does not look perfect, you can place you a piece of zeal that goes from the center of the lower lashes until the end of the eyebrow. While you go out a little you will be a perfect corner. When you’re done, and you only have to pull the paper carefully zeal and presto!

If you want to use the tape to practice contouring all you have to do is place a tape zeal in areas that ye after dark. This will enable you to apply yourself the different shades of makeup without confuse.

Just so you can understand better follow Huda Kattan a make-up artist ( the double of Kim Kardashian who triumphs in social networks and to us the other day spoke Maitane ) who has posted on his account Instagram.

I remember maybe not all but the actress Carmen Sevilla confessed on more than one occasion as he was afraid to undergo surgery, when I wanted to look nice used the zeal to tighten your skin up to the neck. Then she hid her hair trick lift home. Like you think you are ruses of Maricastaña time, but you ‘d be surprised how the Lady Gaga continues to use it.

To help us to paint your fingernails are all kinds of tools but using the tape will be able to apply yourself a second color on the enamel that has already been dried by masking the rest of the nail.

When we paint the eyes, almost always they fall remains of particles of dust on our cheeks. The best way to remove them is with masking tape as also done to remove the balls of wool or hairs that remain in sweaters or clothing.

So you know: from now on a roll of these, zeal, it may be a good idea.

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