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6 tricks to cut the baby’s nails

baby's nails

Cutting the baby’s nails is a job that can not be avoided, no matter how scary it is to hurt or hurt him. In this article, we share some tricks to overcome fear and not die to try.

One of the seemingly simple tasks in a parent’s life is to cut the baby’s nails. And we say apparently because newborns are very delicate, especially their skin and if we do not do it well we can even hurt it.

Why cut the baby’s nails?

the baby's nails

Around the third month of pregnancy, the baby already has fingernails on his fingers and toes. For that reason, when it is born, the little one already has nails sometimes a little long.

Generally, these are soft. Therefore, sometimes it is not necessary to cut the baby’s nails since they break or fall off by themselves.

During this period, some parents decide to put mittens on them so as not to risk cutting the baby’s nails. However, with the passage of time, the nails will strengthen and grow.

Cut the baby’s nails

the baby's nails

In fact, in the case of hands, it is recommended to cut the baby’s nails every week; With respect to the toenails, it is suggested that it be every month. Read more: Shaken baby syndrome: causes and symptoms

If the size of the nails is not controlled, the child could scratch himself. So cutting the baby’s nails is an action that can not be evaded forever. Therefore, in this article, we share 6 tricks to cut the baby’s nails in a simple way.

#1. Use the right tools

cut the baby's nails

Currently, there are specific tools for the use of babies: scissors, files and nail clippers. For example, scissors with rounded tips are the most popular and traditional instruments among parents since they prevent the danger of making an accidental puncture. Read more: Child’s menu in 6 months

There are also electric nail clippers that clean the baby’s nails by means of vibrations. These have attracted the attention of parents since there is no risk of harming the child. Although a disadvantage is that it invests a little more time in the process.

However, to cut the baby’s nails you do not need to buy highly specialized tools. This work can also be done simply with a glass file filing the edges that could scratch your little one.

#2. Take advantage of your naps

Babies are generally restless and move unpredictably. For this reason, you can take advantage of the calm during sleep to cut the baby’s nails, especially when using scissors or nail clippers.

This trick is usually the most effective, that’s why it’s so popular. However, you should not trust yourself. Hold your little one firmly so you do not hurt him in case he suddenly wakes up or moves.

#3. After the bath: a good time

Another effective trick is to take advantage of the moment after the bath. In addition to relaxing the baby, the water allows the nails to be softer and more flexible. Thus, cutting the baby’s nails will involve less discomfort. In fact, it will be much faster.

#4. Push the fingertip down

cut the baby's nails

Some parents fear that, by cutting the baby’s nails, they may hurt him. However, you can better measure the dimension of the cut if you push the fingertip down and just cut the part of the nail that is detached from the finger of the child.

It is recommended to cut the nails to the baby following the natural line of the growth of the nails but subtly rounding the edges of the ends, or filing them, so that the child does not scratch with them.

On the other hand, it is important to take care of the size of the cut because if they are made very close to the skin they can hurt the finger of the small one and even infect the wound. So try to leave a small space between the nail and the skin before cutting.

#5. Watch the cleaning

Cleaning is an important aspect when it comes to cutting the baby’s nails. For this reason, you must ensure that your tools and utensils are clean.

In fact, once you have finished cutting the nails, you should remove the remains that have been produced as they can be dangerous for the child.

As the pieces of the nail are very small, these can end up in the baby’s mouth or even in their eyes. So you should clean your hands with a wet wipe, like your clothes and the area where you put it to cut your nails.

Also, avoid using the mouth and teeth at all costs to cut the baby’s nails. In the mouth live about 50 billion bacteria, some of them are very dangerous, such as streptococci. If you do this, your baby would be in contact with these bacteria and will probably develop an infection. Please do not do it.

#6. Teamwork

As the baby grows, it is likely to be more restless and move more. For that reason, you could use some extra help. While a person holds his hand or feet gently and firmly, the other person can cut the baby’s nails faster and easier.

Some parents place the child in high chairs. While one parent distracts the baby from playing or dancing, the other can cut his nails more easily. Actually, the method will depend on the creativity of the parents and teamwork.

The habit to cut the baby’s nails

As you can see, cutting the baby’s nails is not such a simple task. However, with these tricks, we hope we have helped you. If you follow them, you will feel more confident when carrying out the hygiene tasks of your little one.

You must not forget that, like all abilities, you need to overcome fear and practice nail cutting. The more you do it, you will gain more security and perfection of the technique.

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