The disadvantages of CCTV

CCTV installation companies can help install CCTV.  Although CCTV cameras in homes and businesses are becoming more and more common, there can however be some disadvantages to installing CCTV.

The first disadvantage is that privacy can be an issue. There have been cases where employees at workplaces have objected to installing cameras without their permission as it can be seen as an ‘invasion of privacy.’ A few people have resorted to suing their employers because of this very reason.

Critics of CCTV cameras have argued that employers who install these cameras have no trust in their employees and assume that the worst is going to happen, so they need to be monitored.

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Another disadvantage is that they can be expensive. Proper cameras usually cost hundreds, even thousands, of pounds depending on the features and number of cameras bought. Having them installed and regularly maintained is an added cost on top. Amateurly installing cameras could risk a later fault and extra expense.

With technology advancing every day, it may be easy for a criminal to hack into the cameras and disconnect them, even manually. Worst case scenario, if a criminal is able to hack into the security system, they may be able to manipulate the cameras and go through the system undetected. This leaves security cameras vulnerable to damage and cyber- attacks.  Cyber criminals can then attempt to hijack your identity and apply for finance.  Companies like can offer some level of support when it comes to AML ID Check but prevention is of course the best solution.

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Cameras cannot stop a crime from happening, even though they can be a useful tool to record footage which can be used later to provide evidence. A police alarm system would be of better use.

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