Protecting retail staff from Covid

In these troubled times running a business can be incredibly difficult. There are all sorts of worries for business owners. In March when everyone had to work from home it was a struggle for many people – working at home can be difficult if you don’t have the space or the equipment needed to be able to do it.

For this reason, many employers and employees have been keen to get back into the office. Of course, now keeping people safe in the workplace is really important, and many employees are naturally cautious about getting back into the office or shop floor like those at EJ Menswear who sell a lot of Mens Designer Polo shirts. Here are a few ways that employers can get staff back in as well as making sure that the office is as safe as possible during these uncertain times…

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Hand Hygiene – One of the most important things to stop the spread of any germs is good hygiene. Hand Washing regularly with soap is something that all employees should be doing on arrival at work and before eating.

A Clean Workplace – It is also important to make sure that office equipment and things that are often touched such as door handles are cleaned regularly – a professional company like this office cleaning Cheltenham based company can be a good way to make sure that you have a clean workplace.

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Distancing – Making sure that there is a good amount of space between people is important to stop germs spreading. If the office is big enough, space desks apart from each other. If not, you can get clear Perspex hygiene screens to put around desks to ensure that coughs and sneezes can’t spread any further.


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