Feeling alone, symptoms and solutions


Most often feel lonely when you come out of the usual routine: separating from your partner or losing a job … do not know where to turn.

The pandemic of loneliness

Solitude, the fact of feeling alone is a modern pandemic progress silently. We seem to have many friends but, in fact, are barely known. The person realizes that he is alone when you do not know with whom to share their emotions, their sorrows, and falls into states of anxiety and anxiety, and depression. It is desirable to turn that alarm at a turning point and realize that walking towards where social inertia leads us often makes us unhappy.

The pandemic of loneliness is a phenomenon that started about half a century ago and is growing. It is increasingly common to feel alone and that is explained by different reasons: unstable households, ephemeral work stations, professional ambitions, progressive urbanization of society…

Previously, such jobs were more enduring, as were the families. That scenario was more emotional security to people.

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Causes of this social evil

The worst loneliness of the world is being surrounded by many people. It is normal to feel lonely in large companies, which are characterized by a hierarchical structure. At all times gives the feeling that someone is spying and nobody dares to comment for fear it misconstrued. Professionals who work there are covered with shells.

They only talk about work and avoid giving your opinion not to be used against them. Middle managers and managers are cannon fodder: the best victims of loneliness. They are always accompanied and seem to have many friends, but really not known. The pressure is so great that go to the gym to adrenaline or seek other activities that are always accompanied.

But what happens when we move away from this routine, change jobs, they remain unemployed or are separated? How many of the supposed friends can turn to? That’s when experience what it means to feel alone.

The same isolation of the companies occurs in cities. In small towns everyone knows (even too, say the gossips) and all form a large family. The neighbors have with whom to share their feelings and also are surrounded by nature, used to recharge batteries.

Failure to express feelings is a harmful habit that many couples tend to fall. In a marriage that works, spouses are usually explained how was your day they arrive home.

They express their emotions, speak from within and take into account everything that unites them.

Roles that keep others

We know that the lack of dialogue is the first step for future breakup of a couple. It is equally dangerous to speak from pride, from selfishness. When the ego enters into the relationship, the couple away.

Another behavior that ends up condemning any individual to feel is just take the position of victim. These people are often in all the negative talk, everything seems wrong, continually they walk complaining and consider that the blame is always the other.

They are vampires who download all your negative energy in the first pass and see that suck energy from others. The other people just out and avoid him another time.

It is also common the role of the domineering. He himself is aware of who he is and what their emotional needs. It has problems with self-esteem, anxiety and fear, and perhaps for this insecurity pretending to be fine.

To supplement its shortcomings, it takes a leadership role often ends up becoming overbearing. So much so that the other end without wanting to know anything about him.It is another example of how people are being left alone gradually and without realizing it.And all because they are disconnected from their interior.


Most often feel lonely when you come out of the usual routine: separating from your partner or job loss, to cite two examples. Do not know where to turn. He calls his theoretical friends, but do not listen because they follow the dynamics of always, driven by the inertia that prevails in society.

The person goes into depression because you feel alone and because he realizes that so far has wanted to fill his inner void with material things: a house, a big car …

The individual sees that it is not happy, that everything material does not take you anywhere. He realizes that he has to let go of what society has taught him find himself and ask what is missing in your life.

But people do not find answers because the nervous system is altered and the mind cannot even stop the negative thoughts or circular, and therefore cannot connect to your interior.

There is only one solution

Any solution is a therapy to remove accumulated emotional and energetic blockages and discard the shells that prevent reaching the others.

By taking this path, gradually, the individual reconnects with himself. It is common to feel silly, angry with yourself and curse the life taken so far. After this phase, the person reconnects with its essence, what he really likes and what he enjoyed as a child.

When the nervous system is put in tune and the individual returns to its essence, it is easier to find people with the same affinities and therefore lasting friendships. The recipe is free of blockages that keep us from our true nature and be yourself again. If the person changes and connects to its essence, everything changes around her positively.

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