Contact Lenses: Myths and wearing rules


Contact lenses have long ceased to inspire fear: discomfort, dryness, nursing care – all these problems are left behind due to modern technologies of production. We say that you need to know about a new generation of lenses.

The first contact lenses were about 1940 and made of organic glass. Needless to say that these lenses are uncomfortable and require considerable effort to maintain their purity.

Fortunately, in 1960 a scientist Otto Wichterle created the first soft contact lenses of innovative polymer – hydrogel that has the ability to absorb water (38%), after which it becomes soft and elastic.

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Even more significant event in 1998 was the emergence of a new generation of lenses from silicone hydrogel: the material was fully breathable and allows the eye to breathe.

Previously, there were only extended wear contact lenses. Now, if you do not want to clean the lenses every day, you can simply select the day. It is the most convenient and healthy option.

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Thanks to this discovery, millions of people choose contact lenses poor eyesight to see better. What are their advantages?

Silicone hydrogel lenses allow oxygen and eyes are able to “breathe” in them in the same way as in the glasses, therefore, they do not yield to this parameter.

From the obvious advantages – lenses provide clear peripheral vision, without limitation, not get wet and mist in the rain or when changing temperature. In addition, they allow you to freely engage in sports or any physical activity because it cannot fall, break or break – and let their softness and subtlety you are not confused: the material from which made the lens is quite strong, so if you do not try to intentionally their break, nothing will happen to them.

Of course, the lenses require some care. But this problem can be completely eliminated by one-day lenses.

Finally, the lens of girls are real salvation, because with them you can wear any make-up, which you want. Yes, and apply makeup is not so easy when you do not see the details clearly. In addition, you can select the specific beauty-lenses that accentuate the natural shade of your eyes and make them brighter and more expressive. Such, for example, are beauty-lenses 1-Day Acuvue Define. Their design is based on the pattern of the iris eyes, so make eyes more clear and contrasting.

As for protection from the sun, here lenses undoubtedly benefit: you can safely wear a beautiful sunglasses and still good to see. In addition, all line Acuvue lenses have UV filter that you provide additional protection against the sun.


The ban on the use of lenses may be due to specific medical conditions, among them – diabetes, chronic infections, dry eye syndrome. The latter is not to be confused with ordinary dry eye, which occurs under the influence of adverse environmental conditions – the radiation monitors, air conditioners running, lack of humidity in the room. In this case, the lens can be worn from the additional moisture. Rate your eyes readiness for innovation can only be a specialist.

Lenses cannot fall out while driving and provide excellent peripheral vision. They even the smallest details become clear.

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Finally, if chosen lens, stick to the established deadlines wearing. Their disruption can lead to allergic reactions, infections, discomfort and feeling of dryness in the eyes. Moreover, the “post-term” lens dry and the surface is not so smooth, that also affects the level of your comfort.

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