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10 ideas to prepare a healthy menu at your child’s birthday party.

healthy menu

When we arrive at a birthday party, it is increasingly common to find plates overflowing with chips and industrial pastries, accompanied by sugary sodas. The problem of choosing this type of products for a celebration is that, unconsciously, we are transmitting to children the idea that these foods are prizes, so we will only get them to increase their desire to eat them even more. However, it is possible to celebrate a birthday by choosing a healthy menu and simple to prepare.

10 ideas to prepare a healthy menuhealthy menu

Natural juices. Researchers from the London and Liverpool universities analyzed the content of 203 infant drinks and found that 42% of them contained an unacceptably high amount of sugar that exceeded the amount a child should consume throughout the day. Therefore, always stop by the natural juices made at home, to which you can add a little water to reduce its fructose content.

Oatmeal and wholemeal biscuits. It is a very simple and quick delicious option to prepare. You do not even need to add sugar, you can add a little honey, cinnamon, black chocolate zest or raisins. Read more: 5 most effective pre-holiday diets

Healthy sandwiches Preparing the sandwiches will not take you long. You can add tuna, chicken, cheese, mushrooms, ham … Also, when playing with the stuffing you can cover the tastes of all the little ones who have gone to the party.healthy menu

Cupcakes with fruits. Children will love it, and they will eat the fruit very willingly. You can prepare some muffins of orange and red fruits, adding an oatmeal crumble that gives a crispy touch that will surprise and delight the kids. Read more: Products Rich in Folic Acid: 10 useful sources

Fruit ice cream Children love ice cream, so with this option, you will bet on insurance. The most usual is to make it with watery fruits, so you can present them as sorbets or polos. However, you can also mix pieces of fruit with yogurt until you reach a homogeneous mixture. Or you can add milk and an egg yolk to the fruit to give it a creamier consistency.

Homemade popcorn. Popcorn is a healthy option that provides phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and group B vitamins. They are also rich in antioxidants. The key is to prepare them at home and not choose the popcorn to make in the micro that contains too many additives that add empty calories and harmful fats. Choose natural popped corn, without additives. Make them in a pan over the heat, with very little olive oil and add just a pinch of salt.healthy menu

Cereal bars. The cereal bars are delicious, and an excellent source of vitamins, calcium, and fiber, ideal for children to have the energy to enjoy the party. You can make them with oatmeal and banana, which is one of the favorite fruits of children.

Integral mini-pizzas A pizza with wholemeal flour provides a good dose of slow-digesting carbohydrates. The small pizzas, as if they were a sandwich, will attract the attention of the children and they will surely be encouraged to eat them even if they are vegetables, although you can also make them of ham and cheese or you can bet on the classic recipe of the margarita pizza.

Cornets stuffed with fruits. The form of presentation encourages children a lot, and this is a fun way to get them to eat fruits. You only have to buy ice cream cones and fill them with fruit, chopped into very small pieces.

Jelly. The light version provides fewer calories and contains very few sugars. In addition, it is an ideal hydrating alternative for the hottest days. You can add pieces of fruit such as banana, apple or strawberries.

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