Three natural anti-fungals


The fungal infection, parasitic organisms that lurk in the environment and in our bodies, affects millions of people every day. The main causes are related to climatic conditions (heat and humidity), perfect conditions for the growth of bacteria.

Fungi affect a greater extent the skin and nails; to fight the hygiene is put first and once affected consult a dermatologist if the situation does not improve with early intervention natural anti-fungals. What? Here you go.

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Natural anti-fungal remedies

To fight fungal infections there are special creams, lotions, tablets and glazes to be taken orally or applied for topical use. The active ingredient most used for the treatment of mycosis is the ciclopirox.

Often the infection if promptly diagnosed can be alleviated with natural remedies. What are the natural anti-fungals used? There are 3, considered effective remedies, to treat fungal infections: garlic, yogurt and vinegar.


Garlic is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that may help alleviate other symptoms such as toothache. It is also used for the treatment of mushrooms. Just chop it and apply it on the affected area by the fungus to note improvements like a foot bath.


White yoghurt, useful in different situations is used as a natural scrub for dry skin and to treat fungal infections. The yoghurt contains, in fact, the good bacteria are able to counteract the bad ones of mycosis.

These bacteria are in practice to alter the environment necessary for the growth of fungi. How to use it? Just apply a small amount of yogurt to the affected area for a few minutes. Do not act too yogurt otherwise could suffer the opposite effect.

Apple cider vinegar

The apple cider vinegar has the same effect as garlic and yogurt in the treatment of fungal infections. Unlike the other two methods, this with vinegar should be applied on the area to treat only if diluted in water, might otherwise irritate the skin.

The apple vinegar can also be used in combination with the hydrogen peroxide to treat the infection. Simply mix the two ingredients and complete with 90% alcohol. This compound is an antibiotic and antiseptic agent effective against thousands of micro-organisms. Another powerful natural anti-fungal remedy is the melaleuca oil.

For efficiency you should apply garlic and vinegar, combining the two natural methods to fight the fungus. Remember? Ask specialist if the infection does not improve within a few days.

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