10 health curiosity that you dare not ask!

health curiosity

Some health curiosity are too embarrassing or obscure to them to friends and family. Fortunately, in these cases comes in Google. The world’s most used search engine is not intended as a medical substitute; however, it can often be very valuable. A simple search such as “What if …”, can bring up a list of wanted things to others, revealing what goes through people’s minds frequently (for the most part really strange things).

The main concerns, which cloud our minds, seem to relate their health and body. Here are the 10 most common health curiosity sought to Google, beginning with “is normal …?”

health curiosity
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1) It is normal to talk alone

Yes! All speak for themselves at different levels. For example, we remember something to buy, or count to ten in extreme stress situations. It’s a habit that we carry from childhood to us, when talking to yourself was important for growth.

According to the Huffington Post, “private speech is the external version of the thought for the children. Children begin their verbal life just playing with words, and then tell the most difficult tasks, such as getting a bow to the shoes.” Although in the end the children learn to keep the area inside thoughts, the so-called private speech continues throughout adolescence and into adulthood, when “we learn new things or we find ourselves in a difficult situation.” Talk alone is a bad sign only if there are other symptoms of mental illness or if the speech is filled with messages entirely pessimistic about ourselves.

2) It is normal hair loss

Yes! According to the Mayo Clinic, people lose 50 to 100 hairs a day, so there’s nothing to worry about hair loss. A medical level, even baldness and receding hairline are not real problems. You have to worry about when the hair comes off in clumps or when the scalp is irritated, because the Mayo Clinic noted that these symptoms are associated with autoimmune diseases, infections or skin diseases.

3) It is normal to sweat pee or poop in abundance

In this case, we must consider the amount of feces, pee and sweat. The normal amount varies from person to person. As for defecation, Live Science has explained that the media is once a day, but diet and lifestyle play an important role, having to go to the bathroom three times a day to three times a week.

Typically, you go to the bathroom to pee a lot more times than the poop, but even in these cases, depending on the diet. The pee is considered excessive if it disturbs sleep, work or life in general.

Finally, when you sweat too much it suffers from hyperhidrosis, but this condition would practically dripping hands or wet t-shirts and exert a negative influence on social life.

4) It is normal for breast pain

Yes! The breast pain tends to come and go according to the hormonal changes of the menstrual cycle. Also, you can have pain in cases of extreme muscle exercise or wrong bra.

5) It is normal to feel pain in his heart

It depends on the type of pain. A slight burning sensation is normal, when the stomach acid backs up from the esophagus. Frequent heartburn is a sign of gastroesophageal reflux or in some cases of esophageal cancer. The pain felt as a weight or a pressure in the chest can be a symptom of infarction. In fact, the American Heart Association explained: “Most heart attacks involve discomfort in the center of the chest that lasts more than a few minutes or intermittently.”

The heaviness in the chest can also be symptomatic of attack asthma. If your heart hurts for a matter of emotion, yes, it’s normal, but it would be better to share with someone their feelings and emotions.

6) It is normal not to dream

The most important thing is actually sleep because when you sleep regularly there are no problems. Perhaps the night dreams, however, the next day you do not have memory. Dreaming is generally universal, but some people recall dreams in a few years, or even none.

According to the magazine Psychology Today, these individuals do not suffer from particular consequences due to their inability to recall dreams. In fact, not remembering does not necessarily depend on mental, physical or health.

7) It is normal to have dark cycle

Sure! The blood and losses due to the cycle can assume any nuance, from bright red to dark, because it depends on the tissues that form the uterus. The darker the blood is older, meaning that it takes longer to leave the body. The only color that should alarm is gray because of infection.

8) It is normal to have cramps during pregnancy

Yes! According to the website The Bump, specific to pregnancy, during the first months of pregnancy you might have some abdominal cramping, because the muscles are lengthening. You have to be alarmed if the pain is intense or if other signs, such as bleeding. However, it remembers that even the bleeding is normal during pregnancy.

9) It is normal to feel your heart beat

If you feel your heart beating very strong in the chest or throat or neck, they are having palpitations. This nagging feeling of your heartbeat is often not a serious symptom, but may be related to stress and caffeine consumption.

However, if the heartbeat is abnormal can be a symptom of problem at the heart valve, low potassium levels, heart disease and other conditions.

10) It is normal not to feel bad during pregnancy

If pregnancy is safe, it is very likely. The pregnancy symptoms and side effects vary from person to person. According to the website The Bump “feeling good makes you no less pregnant,” so if you do not have morning sickness or fatigue, we can only be happy.

Symptoms such as nausea tend to disappear in the second quarter, while the heartburn worsens. If in doubt, you can always ask for clarification from your doctor.

We have responded to at least one of your health curiosity? Let us know!

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