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Hair loss: What to do when your hair starts to fall

hair loss

Hair loss is a genetic problem that affects almost 70% of men and, in most cases, is irreversible. But there are ways to stop the hair loss and also definitive solutions.

The film almost always starts the same way. Entries appear discreetly along the forehead. Then, the hair is going at a faster and faster pace, and when it is done, the head is completely naked. For many, the solution is simple: shave the hair. For others, this is not even a hypothesis. It’s true that male pattern baldness is a tragedy for most men – and it’s not worth repeating twenty times that “it’s the baldness they like best.” Read more: 10 ideas to prepare a healthy menu at your child’s birthday party.

Androgenetic alopecia, the scientifically scary name – but the most correct – for baldness, affects about 70% of men and is indeed a concern for most. The proof of this is the absurd amount of methods, tricks, and tips that promise to grow back a lot of hair. The truth is that those telescopic sprays are not a reliable solution.

To answer all the questions, we spoke with Filipa Ventura, a dermatologist at the Epidermis Dermatology Center and specialist in hair consultation, who explained the main causes of baldness and some ways to combat it. Read more: Hemorrhoids in Children: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Previous point: baldness is a genetic issue and therefore there is no magic solution to reverse the process. If you think you may be a bald future, start by looking at your father, grandfather or uncles. If they are bald, it is likely that they will become one of them as well.

In addition to the genetic factors, there are still other causes such as stress, sleep quality, some specific diseases, consumption of certain drugs and even food.

“The hair will get amino acids, zinc, and iron. If the diet is poor in these elements, it can potentiate hair loss, “explains Filipa Ventura.

Myths and careshair loss

There are those who say that one of the solutions to prevent hair loss is to not wash it daily and run away from products like wax or gel. The truth is that this is not so.

Hair should be washed “as needed” and “styling products have no direct relation to hair loss, although they increase the frequency with which it is necessary to wash it”, demystified the dermatologist.

Genetics are key to this topic, but there are little things you can do to prevent or delay hair loss. Trying to control stress, have a balanced diet, make vitamin boosters or use anti-fall shampoos are good aids, although they are far from miraculous solutions.

Even in these cases, the products should be chosen according to the type of hair of each person and therefore advised by a specialist to maximize the results.

The most effective treatmentshair loss

Preventing hair loss is not an easy task, although there are treatments that combine topical, other oral and vitamin supplements that ensure some positive results. Even so, because they are medicines, it is necessary to follow up with a prescription.

The most effective solution is hair transplants consisting of extracting follicles in the areas of most abundant hair – such as the nape of the neck, for example – and replacing them in uncovered areas. Made with local anesthesia, the surgery “takes between six and eight hours, the patient is awake, talking to the doctors and the pain is controlled pain,” says Filipa Ventura.

This option “does not replace previous treatments” that “should always be evaluated in conjunction with the dermatologist”, he emphasizes. “The idea is to do six months of treatment and only after the transplant. Four months after the surgery, hair falls almost all of it and there are a lot of people who are afflicted with it, but then it grows back normally and continuity of treatment helps in that, “he explains.

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