How to buy high style gloves

When the temperature starts to drop, it’s important to keep our extremities protected from the chillier conditions. This, of course, means bundling up in a hat, scarf, and gloves.

Today’s gloves come in all kinds of specifications, as shown here. Yet gloves are more than just a practical garment – they can be a luxury item too.

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Versatile wardrobe essentials

There are many different styles of gloves available, in many different fabrics from traditional leather to luxurious merino and cashmere.

For a casual look that’s perfect for weekends, you can team a pair of stylish cabled gloves with womens Irish sweaters, which can be found at specialist sites such as Or you can opt for a sleek pair that complements smarter outfits such as suits, which means that you can stay cosy on the commute to work without compromising your professional look.

Buying high style gloves

Purchasing high style gloves will likely begin with knowing your size as, after all, we are all different shapes. To get the best value from your purchase, it makes sense to buy a pair that fits.

You will want the gloves to fit snugly but without causing the material to stretch or strain. Those with unusually sized hands may opt for tailor-made gloves, which can be worth the expense in the long run.

Consider the length of the cuff, too, to avoid risking a chilly wrist. Gloves with triangle-shaped notches at the wrist (known as notches) can be a good option for those who find classic fitted gloves too tight for their joints.

Next, consider what conditions you’ll likely be wearing the gloves in. If you live in the city and spend little time outdoors, then you probably won’t need a thick pair of sheepskin-lined gloves and can opt instead for thin gloves crafted in luxurious pure wool.

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Those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel may prefer leather driving-style gloves, whilst outdoorsy types may benefit from waterproof gloves. Pick your favourite colour, and you’ll be good to go!

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